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This site is designed to serve you with speed! You'll find pictures throughout this site. If tyou have a really slow connection you might like to turn off the graphics except for when you want to see a picture. Until the Internet infrastructure improves so most people have fast connections, I'll try to keep graphics to a minimum only using them for maps, illustrations, etc. You will find NO frames on this site! By doing this screens will appear as fast as possible so you don't have to wait. This web site is located on a server with fifteen T-3 lines linked to 15 different hubs of the Internet. The benefit is speed!

You might like to set up a bookmark to come to edsanders.com as your gateway to Internet Search Engines. After getting tired of the time it takes to access search engines I set up a fast way to get to them for myself. I'm sharing it with you here. Just click on Search Engines and you'll be presented with a menu that will lead you directly to them.

This site is always growing. Please stop by from time to time.

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