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 FACT: Unlike conventional motor oils that contain non-essential molecules that do virtually nothing to protect the engine and contaminants that actually harm it AMSOIL Synthetic Motor is pure and molecularly uniform. Every single molecule in AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil is dedicated to engine lubrication and protection. FACT: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils do not "burn off" like conventional petroleum motor oils. AMSOII. Motor Oils retain their viscosity, providing reduced oil consumption, improved fuel economy and better wear protection.
 FACT: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils exceed the most demanding world-wide performance specifications, meeting warranty requirements for all domestic and imported passenger car and truck engines.  FACT: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils reduce friction more effectively than conventional petroleum motor oils do. Less friction less engine wear, better fuel economy and improved power and performance.
 FACT: When AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil was introduced in 1972, critics scoffed at the new technology. Since then, of course, the motor oil manufacturers have followed AMSOIL's lead and begun developing synthetic motor oils of their own. Car and truck manufacturers, too, have recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and are now recommending, some requiring, synthetics in a variety of applications. FACT: AMSOIL President Al Amatuzio coined the phrase "extended drain interval" with his introduction of the world's first API rated synthetic motor oil. Today, tens of thousands of motorists using AMSOIL are saving time and money by changing their oil less often. Extending drain intervals with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil does not void new car warranties. 
 FACT: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils resist the formation of sludge, varnish, acids and other harmful deposits. Engines stay cleaner, perform better and last longer.  FACT: AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils remain fluid in cold temperatures. With AMSOIL Motor Oils engines start easier and are assured immediate start-up protection. 
 Click here to look at 1916 Antique Cars Lubrication Tables ...So you think you have to change your oil every 3000 miles because "that's the way it has always been?" Take a look at lubrication intervals in 1916!  


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