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Brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ed Sanders. Get only the best for your car! AMSOIL!.

"I changed the AMSOIL Diesel Oil in my Mack truck at 100,000-mile intervals. At 600,000 miles the truck was overhauled, and all the old parts met new truck specifications according to the Mack engineers." Haywood Gray, Colonial Heights, Virginia.

I'm a mechanic myself with more than nine years of experience, and I have never seen so huge an increase in fuel economy and decrease in temperature in an engine... I changed the oil to AMSOIL 5W-30, and my fuel mileage increased from 34 miles-per-gallon to 39 miles-per-gallon." M.M., Fort Lewis, Washington "No question in the minds of people in the know that synthetic lubricants are today's answer to improved performance, reduced maintenance and less pollution. AMSOIL is the obvious leader in the industry." M.P., Austin, Texas
"I am very impressed with the whole line of AMSOIL products. Everyone that I have recommended these products to, and who has used them, have seen similar results." C.Y. Sweeny, Texas


"Even running at wide-open throttle in the desert, the oil temperature remained constant. With AMSOIL Series 2000 in the engine, I don't have to worry about viscosity breakdown. I can concentrate on driving the race car." Mike Anson, Long Beach, California

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Ordering Amsoil Products:

To order AMSOIL Products, click on the link below:

AMSOIL Online Store


Call 1-800-956-5695

7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central USA Time Monday - Friday
Customer Number: 23310

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