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Brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ed Sanders. Get only the best for your car! AMSOIL!.

Amsoil Corporation was founded in the late 60's to develop, produce, and market the first synthetic lubricants in America. Since the early 70's, Amsoil has offered ordinary people like you and me the opportunity to make a good part or full time income while doing what's right for people and the environment.

Amsoil has diversified into other areas to help solve environmental problems, and increase our opportunity to succeed.

The name AMSOIL comes from the name of the founder of the company, Albert Amatuzio. He was familiar with the benefits of synthetic oils being used in jet engines, and sought to bring that technology to ground use. His first desire was just to get his own car to start in the frigid Wisconsin winters where he lived. He knew that synthetic oils could be made to have pour points down to 60 degrees below zero F., while petroleum oils begin to get very thick at around 0 degrees F. He had to develop an entirely new lubricant from the ground up, as jet aircraft engine synthetics are totally unsuitable for piston engine use. (I understand he found this out the hard way). Don't try it yourself unless you want to buy a new engine!

There is a much more thorough history of synthetics, and Amsoil in the Amsoil Dealer Kit, that you should find interesting! For information on how to order a kit, see the menu section on becoming involved.

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