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Brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ed Sanders. Get only the best for your car! AMSOIL!.
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Providing business opportunity since 1972

The outstanding products offered by AMSOIL comprise a rock-solid base upon which to build a business. Your own business!

The current trend in the United States is small business. Owning your own business guarantees you the freedom to work on your own terms and opportunity to set your own goals. AMSOIL offers all the advantages of a franchise without the large initial investment In fact, there are many advantages to the AMSOIL opportunity you simply won't find in any other business.

AMSOIL has just revolutionized how we do business!

In the spring of 1996 AMSOIL introduced a new catalog program! Here's how it works, what it means to you and the steps you take to take advantage of it:

  • You become an AMSOIL distributor. E-MAIL me to get that started.
  • You try the AMSOIL products yourself in everything you have an aplication for.
  • You see the results.
  • You can't help but tell others about how much better your car runs, better fuel economy, power, etc. Similar results in your boat, motorcycle, etc.
  • You order the paper version of the AMSOIL catalog and a special stamp to imprint your identification ("ZO") number on the catalogs.
  • You hand out the catalogs.
  • The timing of recent increases in fuel prices, AMSOIL's new fuel saving lubricants and the introduction of AMSOIL's new marketing method couldn't be better!
  • Don't think of AMSOIL as an oil business. Think of it as an INFORMATION business.
  • People call AMSOIL's 800 number and order from the catalogs.
  • The order taker asks for their customer number (your ZO number).
  • The order taker assists the customer in determining what AMSOIL products to get.
  • The minute a customer orders using your number, they are locked in to you forever. You will receive credit for all future orders from them.
  • AMSOIL ships the order directly to the customer anywhere in the USA. Canada also as soon as that catalog is prepared. (AMSOIL has warehouses there too).
  • You receive a check the next month for the retail profit plus a volume commission on whatever business happened with your number.
  • You can get a computer package from AMSOIL detailing who purchased AMSOIL products via your catalogs, what they bought, etc.
  • AMSOIL will be developing entirely new catalogs approximately every six months.
  • You can have AMSOIL mail these new catalogs directly to your customers far cheaper than you could do it yourself.
  • You can follow up on leads from catalog sales to sign up more distributors.
  • You can develop a secure, high income. No layoffs. No downsizing.
  • Other companies "reinvent" themselves and you are let go.
  • AMSOIL "reinvents" itself and you have unlimited opportunity!

E-Mail me now for more info on how you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity! Timing is everything! This business is exploding with the new products and marketing program! E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com

  • Minimal startup fee
  • No inventory requirements
  • No administrative headaches
  • No capital investment in office or warehouse space
  • No employee expenses or requirements

    Other advantages of an AMSOIL dealership:

  • Purchase AMSOIL products for yourself at rock-bottom prices.
  • Gain income from personal sales if you want to.
  • Catalog sales, AMSOIL does the much of the work for you.
  • Internet sales... Link to Amsoil's web site from yours... you reap the profits.
  • Building your sales group. A necessary part of every business is expansion. You can expand your AMSOIL dealership by developing your own personal sales force. By working with and training your sales force, you expand your business and maximize your profits.
  • A huge array of brochures, training tapes, clothing and other promotional material is available.
  • AMSOIL ACTION NEWS monthly magazine.
  • AMSOIL privides many different computer packages for a small fee so you can keep track of your business.
  • Very active new product development.

Advantages of becoming a dealer in Ed Sanders' group:

  • 20+ years experience as an AMSOIL dealer and direct jobber
  • Personal attention to your questions via e-mail
  • You won't be pressured to do anything you don't want to
  • Help in any way possible to build your business as big as you want to

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E-Mail: edsanders@edsanders.com
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