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Due to the pollution caused by the use of petroleum based 2-cycle oils, many smaller lakes and ponds may eventually be closed to use by boats with 2-cycle engines. The same goes for snowmobiling. Already the environmentalists are clamoring for the closing of Yellowstone Park to snowmoblies due to the pollution. Al Gore and his buddies want to get rid of snowmobiles and other 2-cycle recreation vehicles entirely. The clouds of blue smoke caused by oils other than Amsoil give them plenty of visual evidence to push their cause. There's no reason why we can't "have our cake and eat it too". If you and everyone else switched to Amsoil 2-cycle oils, the environment would be cleaner and the enviros would have one less weapon to use. Amsoil 2-cycle oil is far more bio-degradable, and you use less than with petroleum oil. Pollution is greatly reduced. In fact, for many years it has been illegal to use petroleum based 2-cycle oils on many bodies of water in Europe.

Amsoil 2-cycle oil is right for the consumer and the environment, as it is far more concentrated, so you use less. In fact, AMSOIL even has a BIODEGRADABLE 2-cycle oil to help reduce pollution!

Amsoil 2-cycle oil cleans out the carbon that petroleum 2-cycle oils make. This eliminates the expensive need to de-carbon engines. Great for the consumer, not so great for the folks who de-carbon engines.

Amsoil 2-cycle oil reduces friction, which causes you to use less gasoline, and reduces engine wear.

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