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Snowmobile season is here! Zap me an e-mail and I'll send you a form so you can get Amsoil Interceptor Injector Oil at WHOLESALE! If you want to make a buck, you can build an excellent business too!

E-mail: edsanders@edsanders.com

If you're stuck in other frames...use This Link to break out!

Amsoil has online ordering so you're just a click away from ordering. You'll want to scroll down and see the other info from me as well!

If you're interested in the opportunity AMSOIL makes available to us all, or in getting Amsoil products at wholesale please both read below, click on the other info from me (read it too!) and contact me, independent AMSOIL Direct Jobber,
edsanders@edsanders.com I'll need your snail mail address to mail you a form via US and/or Canadian postal services.

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Ordering Amsoil Products:

To order AMSOIL Products, click on the link below:

AMSOIL Online Store


Call 1-800-956-5695

7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central USA Time Monday - Friday
Customer Number: 23310

(Be sure to write this down)

It's a good idea to become a dealer even if you just want to get the products at wholesale for your own use. You'll be able to order them directly from Amsoil. You'll also get a dealer kit crammed with very interesting information and be kept up to date with a great monthly magazine. You'll need to zap me your snail mail (US or Canadian Postal Service) so I can send you a form. edsanders@edsanders.com

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Extra info from Ed:

Getting Started in the Business

History of Amsoil

The Environment

My Experiences with Amsoil in my Own Vehicles - Since 1976

Batteries n' Wires - Cold Weather Starting - a humorous approach to automotive electricity.

Only a Buck A Quart! - Why Petroleum Oil Costs You so Much More than Amsoil in the Long Run.

AMSOIL Business Questions and Answers - How to get started in the business, how to build it.

AMSOIL Technical Questions and Answers - Applications, how to use the products, etc.

1916 Antique Cars Lubrication Information From the book "Questions and Answers on Automobile Design, Construction and Repair", 1916 Edition by Victor W. Page. Includes lubrication chart.

2-Cycle Oil

 Amsoil Saves One of our Rabbits

 Converting our 1966 Mercedes Benz Unimog to Amsoil

More Pics of Ed's Unimog at Stump the Hummer Taken by Chip Greive here.


Amsoil dealers are ready to help you. 

Oil Analysis

 Introductory letter to prospective dealer to send with form or e-mail.

 Events we have been to with an Amsoil booth

Meeting Slides

 Who to see about Amsoil near you


 Moose trophy logo

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