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The Beginning

Getting started in the Amsoil business is simple. Zap me your snail mail address and I'll mail you a form to become a dealer. When you receive it, fill out your section and mail it in to Amsoil along with a check made out to Amsoil for 65 bucks or credit card number, money order, etc.. You'll find the address to send it to in the upper left corner of the form.

 The Kit

Amsoil will rush you a dealer kit crammed with technical, sales, application guides, etc. info. You'll want to read through it, focusing on areas that happen to interest you.

 Use the stuff! You've gotta see the results and be "sold" yourself before you can "sell" others.

After perusing the kit, order whatever products you have a use for yourself and perhaps for a few others if you have some interest already. It's very important to try everything you have a use for. Once you see the results you won't be able to keep your mouth shut or your keyboard idle. We don't try to brainwash you like they do in some other businesses because we don't have to. Just try the stuff and see for yourself.

 Which kit?

- You want to learn about this stuff or just goof around?

You'll notice there is a are cheaper version of dealer kits, the cheaper one being a trial version without much in it. I highly recommend getting the 65 buck one. The less expensive ones just don't have enough info. I don't make any money from you becoming a dealer no matter which one you get, but I know what will make us both money. That's you being properly educated.

 Monthly Magazines

Amsoil will be sending you monthly magazines once you're a dealer. These are well worth reading from cover to cover. You'll see why after you've read a few. They're also worth saving. I have all of mine dating back to 1976 saved in 3 ring binders, punching holes in the magazines to store them this way.

This is YOUR business - No minimums, no pressure, no limits, "glass ceilings", "downsizing", or anything else negative.

If you want to become a dealer just to get the stuff at wholesale, that's fine too. I was a dealer for that reason from 1976 to 1980. After some rather dramatic experiences with Amsoil products I just couldn't keep my mouth shut any more. Also I realized this was a good solid, proven business that was worth building. Do whatever YOU want. I'll help you any way I can. 


Suppose you decide to go for it and build a nice solid income with Amsoil. In many other businesses this means you suffer under a pile of paperwork and fill your basement, garage or a spare room with piles of products. Not so with Amsoil. The form to become a dealer is about half the paperwork you'll have to do for the business. The rest is filling out an order form when you order, and keeping records for tax deductions. You can even skip the order forms if you decide to use the 800 number to order.

Tax Deductions

Taxes. The government wants you to build a business, not just work for someone else. Therefore they offer tax deductions to those building businesses. It's been said that "the business of America is business". You'll want to start keeping track of your business milage. Every time you go anywhere to talk with someone about the Amsoil business, it's deductable. There are people just about everywhere you go these days. Get it? Keep a little notebook, diary, datebook, etc., listing the name and phone number of everyone you meet anywhere. You can deduct 30 cents a mile for the trip there and back. Whether you sell anything or not. The point is that it was a business expense because you went there to sign up a dealer or sell something. Sales trips fail sometimes.

No Employees!

Ever run a business and have employees? There seems to be a lawyer waiting behind every tree to waylay you, stacks of government rules and regulations and piles of paperwork. With your Amsoil business Amsoil 1099s everyone for you. Amsoil pays them all their monthly checks for you. You have NO EMPLOYEES! Everyone is an independent contractor.


I keep catalogs in my glove compartment wherever I go. I used to just pass them out to everyone I met who seemed in the least bit interested. I wasted a lot of money this way. Now I shoot the breeze with prospective dealers or customers to see if they're really interested before offering a catalog. Then I get their name and number too before handing them the catalog so I can give them a ring or an e-mail in a week or two to see if they have any questions.


If you want to get going with your business on the internet, let me know. I was one of the first Amsoil dealers with a site on the internet.


Zap me your questions, I'll do what I can. I'll be putting some stuff up here to help too. Read your dealer kit and the magazines. Some of the best sources of training and ideas there are.

Let's get going!

All right already! Have you read enough? Have you cruised all around the Amsoil stuff on this site? Please zap me any questions and your snail mail address so I can send you a form to sign up! You'll notice there are places to click to send me an e-mail at the top and bottom of every page. You want to make a few extra bucks? You want to build a secure income, become "layoff proof"? Do you presently have a business and want to increase income without increasing people? Or do you just want to save a buck? Click below and zap me your info, and welcome aboard!


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