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Brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber Ed Sanders. Get only the best for your car! AMSOIL!.
The following is from e-mail questions people have asked me about the AMSOIL business, and my answers, to the best of my knowledge: >Have looked through your site and become interested in distributing >Amsoil products. > >Please send me, at your convenience, some information about how to >become an Amsoil Direct Jobber. Fortunately, very simple.

I need your snail mail address to send you a form to become a dealer. All you have to do is fill out your portion and send it along with a check for 55 bucks to Dealer Registration AMSOIL, Inc. at the address on the upper left of the form. They'll rush you a kit crammed with info.

You'll then be able to order at wholesale, build a business, become a Direct Jobber, whatever you want.

I think you'll like the services AMSOIL provides for us. You can build a team of as many people as you want. But you never have to have the hassle of employees again! They're all 1099ed directly from AMSOIL! They're all paid every month directly from AMSOIL. They and we all get our monthly checks directly from AMSOIL!

AMSOIL provides us with several different computer packages to assist us in keeping track of our business.

We are freed up to do what really counts. Marketing and training.

Dealer costs are about 25 percent less than what you see for prices in the catalog on my home page. In addition to that you get a volume commission check for up to another 25 percent. This varies from two percent up to the 25% depending on your orders in a month and the orders of the rest of the people in your dealer group. You also make a retail profit on whatever you sell. I charge what AMSOIL recommends plus shipping.

For instance, if you should order $300 in a month, you'll immediately save 25%. Next month you'll receive a check for an additional 5%, for a total of 30% off.

Suppose you order $3000 of product in a month. Again, you save 25%. Next month you get a check for 23% for a total savings of 48%

Now suppose you sign up 10 dealers. Each of them buys 300 bucks worth in a month from AMSOIL. AMSOIL pays each of them 5%, or 15 bucks. A total of $150 is paid to your dealer group.

Those 10 $300 orders total $3000 for your group total. You receive a check for 23 perent of $3000 minus what AMSOIL paid your dealers.

You are now a Direct Jobber (as I am) I did it in 8 months once I decided to go for it.

23 percent of 3000 is 690 dollars.

Subtract 150 dollars paid to your dealers.

You get a check for 540 dollars.

Now suppose you also order $300 worth of products.

Your check includes 23 percent for that volume, or 69 dollars.

For that month your check from AMSOIL is 609 dollars.

You now got your products at a 48% savings and made a little extra cash!

At $3000 a month you are a direct Jobber.

Suppose ten dealers you sign up become Direct Jobbers.

Ten dealers at $3000 a month of business is $30,000

You are then paid 7 1/4% on that total, or 2175 dollars for that month.

Your individual group also does $3000 in business, and you do $300.

$609 + $2175 = $2784 for that month's check.

As you can see, your AMSOIL business can eventually grow to provide you with a reasonable income. There are many people in the business who have been netting over $200,000 for many years.

You will never be forced to do anything, the only quota is that you have to order $50 worth of products a month to get a check for what your dealers do. That's to satisfy a strange California law.

No layoofs, no downsizing, no glass ceilings. Just the opportunity to build a business as large as you want. The freedom to build it the way you want, where you want.

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Amsoil has online ordering so you're just a click away from ordering. You'll want to click here and see the other info from me as well!

If you're interested in the
opportunity AMSOIL makes available to us all, or in getting Amsoil products at wholesale please Click here and scroll down there to read the other info from me and contact me, independent AMSOIL Direct Jobber,
edsanders@edsanders.com I'll need your snail mail address to send you a form.

Ordering Amsoil Products:

To order AMSOIL Products, click on the link below:

AMSOIL Online Store


Call 1-800-956-5695

7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central USA Time Monday - Friday
Customer Number: 23310

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