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The following is from e-mail questions people have asked me about the AMSOIL business, and my answers, to the best of my knowledge:

>Can I order like a case of 

>oil and a single filter directly from Amsoil, or do I need to go through 


You can order it directly from AMSOIL. Be SURE to get engine flush though and use it! I have some with me if you don't want to get a case.

>just gotten my dealership and his eyes lit up.  So, what do I need to do to 

>sponsor someone?  I have at least 2 people in mind right now.  Possibly 

Heh-heh! You need to order some G-18C forms. They are 10 for a buck. You fill them out the same way we did, and send it along with the person's check for 45 bucks to AMSOIL Dealer Registration. I have a few with me if you need one quickly.

Be SURE to put your ZO number and name in your section of the form.

>more. As soon as the lit comes, I will do hand outs in the neighborhood.

Good. This is one good way to get your business going. Be sure to follow up on people you give handouts to.

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