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The following is from e-mail questions people have asked me about the AMSOIL business, and my answers, to the best of my knowledge:

>I understand syn oil is suppposed to ofer better high temp protection. I am running aoffshore boat and am having problems cooling the oil..  My question, How hot CAN you run syn oils without damaging engines.   Thanks

Depends on the engine. You never know.

AMSOIL engine oil and Antifreeze will lower the temperature of your engine, probably to acceptable levels.

The best way to find out the limits of your engine(s) is to do oil analysis. If you aren't getting excessive wear materials in the oil, all should be ok. I use Vermont NDT in Jericho, Vermont, owned by Richard Irick.

I've personally run two Datsun engines and one Volkswagen engine with no water in them at very high temperatures. Here's what happened:

1972 Datsun pickup, 33,000 miles, aluminum engine.

Drove from Lowry AFB, CO to downtown Denver and half-way back before realizing here was no water in the engine. Ambient temperature, about 90 degrees. (I had torn down the front end of the engine to fix a leak, and failed to tighten the lower radiator hose clamp in my rush to get to Denver to pick up my soon-to-be-wife's wedding rings). Found all the water in the driveway upon returning.

Results: No damage to the engine. Drove it for over 100,000 miles after that.

1980 Datsun 310 GX, 42,000 miles. Drove from Portsmouth New Hampshire to Worcester, Massachusettes and back on an 80 degree day at 65 MPH with no water in the engine.

Results: No damage except for the head gasket that caused the problem. Drove over 150,000 miles more after that.

1982 VW Rabbit Diesel, 98,000 miles. Drove for about a minute after a radiator hose burst while going up a hill on a 40 degree night.

Results: Head warped, lost compression, no other damage. Had to get a new head. Found a junkyard engine cheaper than a head, so swapped. Still have the engine, when find a good head cheap, will use it.

Again, Oil analysis is the way to determine if you're having problems before they become costly.

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