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Great north Woods FSP

 Free State Project


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 Rush Limbaugh




Listen to Howie Carr 


 Remember September 11th


Amsoil meeting slides 


Fox News





More News 

Art Bell 


PR Newswire  

 crrel.usace.army.mil/lancaster/ - Lancaster NH web cams




Thomas Sowell - Choosing a College 

Hillsdale College 

A to Z colleges Hillsdale Info 

The Not-the-13th-Grade Page
A FREE Online Guide to College Success

 CGI - Bignose

 University of Michigan's Digital Library

Yahoo Hillsdale Info 

 Shrine Clowns 

Historic USGS Maps of New England & NY 


 GSLRU (Granite State Land Rover Union) MSN

NEWJO - Northeast Willys Jeep Organization 

 Walton Feed 

  Oil Lamp Man

PA Survival products 

The info below is just stuff I've been digging up for my own use. You can do whatever you want with it. I am making no recommendations or claims about any of it. Some of the notes are just my personal opinion for my own use. Form whatever opinion you want. If you know of some useful info on option trading, zap it to me if you want.

Stock, market, charts, info...

CBOE - Has great links to info sources, a lot of background info.

Smith Barney

Standard & Poors.

Standard & Poor User Login

Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Quotes & Charts



Invest FAQ:Derivatives:Stock Option Symbols

CBOE options quotes

CBOE - Symbols Directory On-Line

Ticker/Option Symbol Lookup

Wall Street Network

DERIVATIVES R US - Option Pricing: Black-Scholes V1, N7

Resources for traders of stocks and the S&P



Investec Charts - Great!


Black Scholes Generalized The formula is HERE!

Investec Home

CTS Website Product Prices

Datek Securities Corp

JB Oxford $15 per trade. Can trade options


Wade Cook Books and Seminars


Quantum Analysis Systems - Many good links here.

Elite Trader - Online Community For Real-Time Stock Traders


Rolling Stocks Page

Standard & Poor's MarketScope


Prophet Stock Option info

Prophet Futures

Beeper Madness. A necessity for stock-split frenzy . Sandra Ward . CBOE Interesting stock split article on how you can lose too.

Stock Smart Splits info - subscription.

Cavlogix.com Commodity Futures and Options Info

Lightning Stock Picks - Looks for stocks ready to move or in upward motion Free.

Kiplinger's Stock Finder 

 America Invest


On 24 Financial and business news - audio and text

Maverick Trader - fee. 


Zoo games

 moon song - moose - cheese  rathergood.com

 Land Rover Lightweight Project










Pennacook Southwest


Fortune Investor Lowest Projected Price Earnings Ratio




Learn how to save about 10% on your gas bill.

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