WMRSD Interim Goals

The following is an interim set of goals which will be presented to the curriculum committee for a vote. Please comment to me via the internet.
Ed Sanders.

   Interim Goals for the White Mountains Regional School District.

The following is a compilation of goals from the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association, the WMRSD teachers, the EIP process and the NH Frameworks.

They are coded thus: T = Teachers
                               B = Business
                               C = Community
                               F = Frameworks (Not included yet)


Upon graduation from high school, a person should be able to perform in the following areas:


      Group or Team Skills

BT          *    Participate constructively as a team member.
BT          *    Follow directions.
BT          *    Resolve conflicts.
B           *    Act constructively as a team leader when assigned that role.

      English Language Skills

BTC         *    Comprehend, speak, read, and write English with the fluency
                 required for effective daily living.
T           *    Be able to spell and use correct grammar.
T           *    Read for understanding.
C           *    Know phonics rules to be able to pronounce unknown words.

     Cross-Culture and Second Language Skills

B           * Show active comprehension of our pluralistic society and its 
              relevance to daily life.
BTC         * Comprehend, speak, and read a major language other than English.
BT          * Have non-verbal skills and general cultural awareness at an 
              elementary school level.

      Personal Computer Skills

BC          *    Use and understand PC hardware and operating software and a 
                 word processing program fluently. Use PC level spread sheet
                 program at a basic level.
T           *    Keyboarding proficiency.
TC          *    Be computer literate.   

      Numbers, Symbols, and Graphics

B           *    Explain graphs, charts and tables.
T           *    Mastery of basic math skills.


       Reasoning and Problem Solving

BT           *   Solve problems systematically.
BC           *   Accept personal responsibility for, and possible adverse 
                 outcomes of risky decisions without being depressed or 
B            *   Accept change as an imperative, requiring personal 
                 adaptability and learning as a necessary and constant process 
                 throughout life.
T            *   Know where to find information.

BT     Health, Hygiene, and Survival

B            *   Maintain a balanced diet.
B            *   Avoid addictive substances.
B            *   Avoid contracting or transmitting communicable diseases.
B            *   Perform regular moderate exercise.
B            *   Exhibit safe practices in driving, and other potentially 
                 hazardous life routines.
B            *   Have regular health checks.

       Personal Presentation

BC           *   Exhibit courtesy consistent with the principles of free  
B            *   Refrain from unintentional public or private behavior that has 
                 generally accepted objectionable public consequences.
B            *   Be prepared to meet the negative consequences of intentional 
                 disruptive behavior, regardless of justification.

       Daily living and Home Care

BT           *   Maintain a self-sufficient, organized personal life.
BT           *   Conduct an effective and responsible full range of daily life, 
                 parenting, child care, home operation and home care 
B            *   Use and troubleshoot for commonly available communication,              
                 information, and transportation devices and systems.
B            *   Conduct recreation and leisure activities, emergency response 
                 and self-defense.
BT           *   Employ personal-level conflict resolution methods.
B            *   Make and use reasonable estimates of volume, size, distance, 
                 weight and time.
B            *   Use common sense to cope with daily living situations.
B            *   Cope and survive regardless of the physical environment.

       Personal Business

B            *   Perform major purchasing activities.
BT           *   Conduct personal money management with positive results.
BT           *   Have the potential for possible further education. 
B            *   Interest in at least one type of common work that has a high 
                 probability of employment with a liveable income.
B            *   Earn a living, whether or not one is going on for further 
B            *   Demonstrate the ability to conform to basic employability 
B            *   Have the awareness of the requirements necessary to advance 
                 within employment. 
T            *   Learn how to learn.

        Business and Commerce

B            *    Understand the concepts of supply and demand, cost and 
                  benefit, pricing and profit, investment and return, utility, 
                  and productivity.

        Recreation and Leisure

BT           *    Exhibit familiarity with a broad range of artistic, 
                  entertainment, team sport, and recreational opportunities.
BT           *    Have an affinity for some artistic, entertainment, team sport 
                  or recreational activities.

        Conflict Resolution

BT           *    Resolve conflicts non-violently.

        General Personal Effectiveness

BT           *    Exhibit a positive self concept and a realistic life vision 
                  and plan, based on personal strengths and available 



BC            *   Use and maintain common tools, implements, and devices for 
                  facilitation and convenience of daily life and common work.


B             *   Perform mathematical operations with the proficiency required 
                  to conduct transactions as complex as purchasing a car or 

        Environment/Natural Resources

BT            *   Understand and avoid or refrain from significant disruptions 
                  of the natural environment.


BT            *   Apply facts and/or general principles from life and physical 
                  sciences to enhance and meet common difficulties in daily 


       History and Culture

BT            *   Describe the context and general significance of benchmark 
                  events and cultural symbols of world and US history.

       Human Behavior

BT            *   Apply facts and/or general principles from social sciences 
                  such as anthropology, demography, ethnography, geography, 
                  psychology, sociology to enhance effectiveness and meet 
                  common difficulties in daily living.


B             *   Apply facts and/or general principles from economics to 
                  enhance effectiveness and meet common difficulties in daily 


BT            *   Avoid intentional criminal activities and activities that 
                  create criminal, civil, or equitable liabilities, based on 

       Civics and Politics

BT            *   Participate as an informed voter in local, state, and 
                  national elections.
BT            *   Participate as an active party in local civic, union, school 
                  and/or town or city affairs.



BCT           *   Demonstrate a regard for human diversity and pluralism.
BCT           *   Demonstrate courtesy.
BT            *   Demonstrate regard for human worth and property.


BC            *   Demonstrate responsibility to ones self, to ones family, to 
                  others, to community.
BC            *   Have a regard for commitments and obligations.
BCT           *   Fulfill citizenship obligations.


BT            *   Demonstrate an awareness of the environment and reality.
BT            *   Be prepared for and seek opportunities.
BTC           *   Embrace and overcome challenges.
B             *   Accept the inevitability of change.


BCT           *   Demonstrate dependability and honesty.


BT            *   Demonstrate fairness; regard for property, law, right action, 
                  constitutional rights, and democratic principles as applied 
                  to individuals and minorities as well as to majorities.


BT            *   Demonstrate self-respect, self-control, and a sense of 
                  personal worth. 
BT            *   Recognize choice and personal discipline.


BT            *   Identify significant value issues and choices within the 
                  graduate's life experience.
BT            *   Identify broadly accepted value justifications for the 
                  choices that one makes.
BT            *   Explain simply and clearly the meaning of, and critical 
                  issues relating to, each of the concepts.

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