EIP Meeting 3/11/96

There was a meeting of all the EIP committees at the Four Dorrs with Tony Wagner, facilitator as chairman.

Short reports were presented by the chairpersons of the EIP committees.

Some basic ideas from the meeting were:

  1. The committees should create draft documents on goals of what a graduate should be able to do and have learned.
  2. The goals will be presented to the steering committee.
  3. The staff development committee will review these goals.
  4. An implementation committee should be formed this summer to work for perhaps two weeks to develop a plen. This committee should consist of 12 educators four each from the different grade levels and repredentatives from the community from the different committees. This committee would evaluate where we are now and where we need to improve. It would check our present assessment and curriculum and recommend changes.
  5. The results from this committee would be reviewed at a meeting of all of the committees.
  6. The results would be submitted to the school board for approval.
  7. The implementation committee would remain to oversee the program.
  8. There would be a review at the end of each year with members of the community.

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