EIP Steering Committee Meeting 3/25/96

The District Educational Improvement Plan Steering Committee met on Monday, March 25, 1996. Attending were Paula Harris, Margaret Paddock, Maryclare Quigley, Joanne Hennessey, Robert Bergin, John Holmes, Regina LaVoie, George Kelly, Peter Gair, Martha Laurie, and Sandy Bergquist.

Notes from February 13, and March 11, meetings were approved.

There was some discussion regarding meeting with Tony Wagner, March 11. It was noted that the Curriculum Committee would focus on goals for graduation and the Core Values Committee would focus on the behavior of students.

The forming of the new Implementation Committee was brought up. Peter expressed concern that this would consist of only educators. Duties and function of the committee were discussed at length. Rather than "implementing" the committee is actually to determine "how to implement," thus, the professional make-up of the committee. Peter suggested that perhaps others could sit on the committee to round out the make-up -- not to be paid or necessarily to make decisions.

It was explained that a summer teacher committee will translate the goals from the Curriculum Committee into measurable graduation requirements. Those requirements will go back to the DEIP Curriculum Committee and to the community.

Regina voiced concerns about time to accomplish everything, and Peggy said at this point it will be graduation requirements only, and we will go back to curriculum committees from there. Sandy spoke of setting goals that everyone wanted, and striving for them. Thus, there would be curriculum committees that work on various goals, and not focus on one course of study, such as science, math, social studies, etc. George reiterated crossing grade and content line; i.e., the integrated curriculum.

We were reminded that we must still address requirements from the State; that the State Frameworks must fit into our goals; and further, that there must be assessments for the curriculum.

John mentioned the cluster approach to education--career oriented, which does not become real specific until college -- not necessarily advocating it, just making us aware of its existence.

We were reminded that SATs will still be taken by our students who will be going on to college; and that we do need to prepare students for specific tests.

Martha Laurie advised that she is resigning from both the Core Values Committee and the Steering Committee as her family will be moving from the area. Her resignation was accepted with regret and thanks for her work and effort in the DEIP.

Committee Reports followed:

Core Values, Martha & Peter - They have been looking at lists generated by the community and looking at how goals could be implemented. They have been doing a lot brainstorming. They also looked at values written by another district (Yarmouth, ME) which compared very favorably with their own. Draft copies were passed around. Their next meeting is April 4.

Assessment & Evaluations, Maryclare - They continue looking at what is already in place in the District, currently focusing on math.

Curriculum, Sandy & Peter - Have written a rough draft for goals for graduation. Will refine at their next meeting.

Staff Development - No representtive but Peggy advised the Professional Development Committee has joined this group. All are working on guiding questions and will continue in this.

Following committee reports, we discussed and went over Priority Goals and the Plan Organizer. By a unanimous vote, we accepted these Priority Goals for the District.

Peggy asked Peter if he would write a DEIP Mission Statement after reviewing both material submitted by Dr. Christie and the SAU #36 Mission Statement. Peter agreed to submit this at our next meeting.

We have been asked to look at materials on District Philosophy for our next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 29, 7 p.m. in the Culinary Arts Room at the High School.

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