Core Values Committee final report draft

Final Report

	We, the members of the Core Value Committee, after 
meeting from January through April '96, have concluded our task 
resulting in our draft of fifteen ( 1 5) core values we would like to 
see promoted in our school district. We have also compiled a Bill 
of Rights for all families, community members and students of the 
White Mountains Regional School District, which would be in 
effect on all school grounds and in all school buildings in the 
district. These nine (9) rights include a preamble expressing many 
of the core values cited from our previous list.

	Finally, the members of this committee have identified 
several areas to include as recommendations or suggestions for the 
Implementation Committee. They are as follows:

ongoing communication between school and family
more focus on early intervention. Smaller class size possibly all day 
parenting focus- teach it young more support of the values 
of individual families more focus on vocational skills- by 
graduation, work on skill to access and maintain 

	We respectfully submit these items and also include the 
relevant materials on values gleaned for our committee's use.

Thank you,
The members of the Core Values

Copyright 1996 by Ed Sanders.