Core Values Final Draft

March25, 1996


The WMRSD Core Values Committee met on March 21, 1996 and agreed that the following list of values are values that this community would like to see promoted in our school district. Some of this information was taken from a list of core values that was written by the Yarmouth School District.

RESPECT: Respectful people have confidence in their own beliefs and values and acknowledge, understand and support the rights of others to express their beliefs and opinions. They are tolerant and open-minded.

RESPONSIBILITY: Accountable, responsible people know, understand, consider, and accept the impact and consequences of their personal actions and decisions. They are self motivated end have selfdiscipline.

LOVE OF LEARNING: People who love learning are enthusiastic and curious. The love of learning will spawn creativity and industry.

HONESTY: Honest people are truthful and sincere and cornrnunicate free of intent to deceive; they recognize that truthfulness is the basis of good relationships.

INTEGRITY: People with integrity behave in an ethical manner that is consistent with their beliefs and principles, they have a strong sense of right and wrong.

TRUSTWORTHINESS: People worthy of trust keep promises, fulfill commitments, are dependable, and abide by the spirit as well as the letter of an agreement.

LOYALTY: Loyal people demonstrate cornrnitment in good times and bad.

FAIRNESS: Fair people are committed to justice, the equal treatment of individuals, and tolerance and acceptance of diversity Nvhich may require courage. They exhibit good sportsmanship.

CARING: Caring people show concem for the well-being of themselves, others and the environment. Caring is show-e through patience, compassion, generosity, kindness, and service.

CITIZENSHIP: Responsible citizens contribute to the community locally and globally in active, positive, and creative ways and encourage the participation of others through cooperation and contribution. They place high value on their community.

PURSUIT OF OUALITY AND EXCELLENCE: People who pursue quality and excellence take pride in their work, give their best efforts, reflect on the results of their work, persevere in their efforts, and apply this new learning to subsequent tasks.

POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM: People withpositive self-esteem value themselves, have self confidence, think independently and make good choices based on their own ultimate well-being.

VALUE THE FAMILY: People who value the family have an appreciation for their heritage and the heritage of others, they have a sense of community and an understanding of how they are a part of that community.

HEALTH: People who value their health have a respect for their physical well being and make choices that promotes good health.

ADAPTABILITY: People who are adaptable embrace and overcome challenges, they accept the inevitability of change, and they are prepared for it.

Copyright 1996 by Ed Sanders.