EIP Meeting 3/11/96

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Goals as stated in interim goals for graduation:

Comprehend, speak, read, listen to and write English with the fluency required for a variety of purposes and audiences

Show active comprehension of our pluralistic society and its relevance to daily life.

Meeting notes: (Agenda was to further define these goals).

Dr. Christie - Student input in committees? Honor Society?

Peg (Margaret Paddock) - only 1 part of student community

Dr. C. Concern of community - we're only directing schools to college kids.

Dr. C. What would be plan?

Peg Stus. trained to facilitate, presented questions to a cross section of all stus.

Dr. C. How many kids then took an interest?

Peg. Clusters of all groups participated

Dr. C. What was input?

Peg. Have results on paper.

Dr. C. What was reaction of community as to all kids included?

Dr. C. Do you feel kids from all groups had an input?

Dr. C. Kids not going on to college - are we getting real input from them?

Peg. Facilitators went to all classes, have all the input on paper.

Peg. Facilitators had an eye opener meeting with kids who were not their normal peers.

Dr. C. Will we come up with something that meets the needs of those not going on to college?

Peg/ Suggestions?

Dr C.. Asking Q.

Peg on last day of the school yr, go back to teachers and stu facilit. and get feedback as well as stu. across the board. at the end of June another community meeting with progress report.

Dr C. Are we teaching 2 curr one to college one to non for literature?

Peg: 3 kinds of English literacy being taught.

Peg have gone back to level 3 in Engl. this yr.

Dr C. how far back does tracking go? Peg. to Jr high. now all hetrogenous. 5-6 yrs ago

Barry Crawford: Preferrential teachers?

Certain teachers ony teach certain levels.

Sandy Bergquist: somewhat flexible

Dr C. Anyone who wants to try level 1 can

Peg.Parent's concern counts, can decide.

Barry - part of curr comm? Need 2 or 3 goals for grad?

Peg - no.

Leslie Seppala May read same books but not as many in lower levels.

Barry 500 pg essay error free?

Ernie math certain requirements - by 3rd yr HS they have to have reached this point

Barry - bright stu has to have calc, etc to advance. how assess?

Ernie - this the problem we have minimum requirements.

Barry going to get a lot harder to grad.

Sandy kids get a false set of study habits

Dr Juve. Q. on math how do you understand math 8th grade? How do you decide which level kids go to?

Leslie Seppala: teacher recommendation pre algebra, other basic math. All kids should have a shot at algebra.

Ernie ? How did we come up with levels, dislike intensly, not to hurt pcyche?

Peg IQ tests

Barry Holding up kids who want to go ahead. was self help for hss daughter's class.Teacher too busy helping lower kids need advanced classes.

Sandy need turbo class for those fast kids.

Ernie have all there.

Dr. C What point ID?

Rose - (teaches 3rd grade) some can do all, some can't even count by 2's and 5's Can't hold all back to that level.

Lynn Emery - kids have different strengths - perhaps in english, etc/. Hard to separate kids to levels of achievement when they may be good in some areas.

Barry - Doesn't mean have to be at high levels in all

Lynn. Math or a multitude of skills

Leslie Self esteem kid knows where they are - if they've given up by 8 or 10 yr. too late.

They knew if they were in her class they were done for.

Jeff Elliot: Concern hearing about different groups. Upper level stu ready for real challenges. Math Engl. etc. Level 2 & 3 large classroom w/ behavior/ low achiev, etc. there to mark time. To fix - aids in classroom to help. Don't need to worry about level 1 students level 1 fine - need some more such as statistics class. 2&3 lev same behavior prob as in lower grades need one on one and use ability here. We don't offer 1 on 1 same as at lower levels

Jeff have 35 middle row stus - poor in back good in front

Ellie Emery: havn't read all read chpt... only have 180 days

Jeff admin problem . get them out of office into cl/room

Leslie? if change teaching meth - behav change?

Jeff need help in cl/room leslie Behav hit low % in lecture

Sandy should be varied.

Jeff don't fall into trap of comparing our wages to nurses? 3-4 jobs at once Great job if had some help in classroom could do better.

Sandy use all tools, don't get stagnant.

Leslie - Aids. none in HS while they have in elem. Have group of aids that will help anyone in the elem school.

Lynn need those bodies there to assess each child. can take out of room and oraly test.

Dr. C. juncture in education road between 4 & 6 gr. seems that in elem sch need for counseling more important than in HS. Have fewer problems if had that kind of support in elem sch. Need more assess and counseling there.

Peg. What trying to do: broad goals for all: future survival skills for all doesn't mean others won't go beyond. Here goals all need to survive.

Matt Treamer: Be as brief as possible so people wouild read them. We're going to have multi page document. None will read it.

Peg: from Colorado: 19 goals.

Sandy 9 goals: (Ed's note:GET HER PAPER! to post here)

Lynn how meeting arranged:

Peg sent letter to all. Lynn didn't get.

Barry Community brought up community service as part of the program 40 - 50 hrs of whatever they were interested in ex col town players, hospital

Jeff devils advoc, should we be saying something like comm awareness. Gut feeling like to see.

Leslie how measure?

Jeff not sure serving on a comm a way get turned off.

Barry some int nursing home, town office. Leave up to stu.

Dr C> Isn't already happpeing in Stratford?

Sandy being pushed all over.

Barry not necess here.

Peg under core values.

Ed Call my wife and ask her.

Matt more comfortable not formal accepting... If we're going to meet w/ curr areas 28 things... Take under advisement if they have merrit at the end try to combine some of them ex. Comprehend newspapers... etc. Concerned need something everything all can understand Comprehend... Should be able to write as well as speak. Most parents don't read curr. Parents should read it and hold teachers' feet to it

Lynn until make it focused and doable when grads have something to show. when 70% don't master them are we willing to accept that? Focused and manageable task.

Apparently PEG didn't get all of goals only 1st page.

Judy Erickson: Translate to more specific goals will they translate of become different from. To monitor this.

Dr. C. Have almost no fiction at home to his surprise. Enjoy reading for purpose or pleasure.

Lynn all could agree on a primary goal

Foreign Language presentation by Richard Juve:

Sandy kids very literal, don't understand subtleties because don't understand the English language.

Peg hoping to present goals in layman's lang. very easy to understand

Communic. goals, 4 goals.

Dr. Juve:

2nd language other than English. Here to get your reaction to another language. at elementary school level. Came across program in Spanish for grades 1&2 transmitted by TV, interactive, $500 per site per 2 per 2 grades, an unlimited number of students. Reasonable price. Materials which can be duplicated CD-Rom if wish. Course across Arizona now. Transmitted over our satellite. Warner doens't have the Learning Channel.

When implement at Grades K-2 then K-12, opportunity to take Spanish with hope they will aquire the language by the end of school.

Dr. C. Found an E-mail forum in Latin, responses must be in Latin on Internet.

Discuss it for a few moments. One comment. Why choose spanish?

Dr. J. Internet 1 organization offering at elem level. others at HS or 8th gr. This one one, he can lock on to a field tested program, would prefer Mandarin or Arabic himself as more people speak them.

Ernie: Primary purpose: cheap. Tried last yr. Couldn't due to price. This way we can. We have already gone ahead and are going to do it. Board members make sure can do in all emem sch.

Ellie Q? no satellite?

Dr. J. We'll install satellite for this.

Dr c Price?

Dr. J. $500 per 2 grades per school per year

Dr. C. $500 X 12 in end?

Barry? Price Q.

Dr. J Units 2 grades at a time. 2 more grades 1K, etc.

Dr. J don't want to lose it long range prog.

Dr. J. Q some may have why not all? another why not one site? If it flops can focus on him many probs, etc.

Dr. C How long outfit in existance?

Dr. J getting info now. claim . 5 yrs, AZ, 6

Jeff... instructors in AZ bilingual.

Lynn: Q? problems we saw in edu already ... let's not give them 1 more thing to do. Take another hour away from elementary day.

Ellie: Another demand would be fluency in 2nd language. Too many demands on teachers already.

Ed Sanders: Somehow we had enough time in your school to develop a local history program, that while it may have been good took time away from other things. Looked good in the paper.

Lynn: it was very worthwhile, kids learned a lot, was in line with the curriculum .

Barry program just in spanish? Q in community, why not french too?

Ed ; I had same question, but have to start somewhere. Any language at an affordable cost is better than none.

Jeff: Q? program just 1/2 hr 2 times a week. need day to day?

Jeff look at someone who gets music art, etc. part of week.

Dr. C can we get a demo?

Lynn is this only used in the southwest?

Ernie exposure to another culture good.

Sandy agree from personal life. personally. bilingual.

Matt. Manchester all spanish speaking.

Matt do you anticipate hiring another teacher at HS to cover for. lang.

Rich same Q here at a broad base later.

Matt: Might not ever fly.

Ernie to answer Matt's Q. teachers... if what hear about block sched... looking at 20 more offerings kids can have Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Kids can decipher at an early age. easily, translates back to English. They look at putting words together for meaning. Europe has taught 2 languages at a minimum. Japan don't get out of grade school without. We are getting into global economy whether we want to or not. Don't have be fluent just some to pick it up quickly when you need it. When he goes to another country picks up again quickly.

Leslie teachers to ans Q

Dr. C if tried for a yr or 2? try to get a demo first. Earlier you teach a lang the easier. Failure rate high in college level. If this is an opportunity to try out, we can get an appraisal in a yr or 2.

Ernie. not commiting to something we can't keep up.

Sandy... Around the world English and French compulsory,,, 15 cred/yr they do it. one thing ,,, if this Spanish gets put in & successful... concern...suddenly teachers' contracts can't be hired if not fluent.

Ernie usually works the other way 76% of teachers functionally illiterate In NY hired a bunch of Spanish speaking teachers.

Barry if going to have distance learning w/ spanish, teacher would follow on. Would hope teachers pick it up.

Agenda Language Goals for grad

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