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This is a short book. I once read a book on gardening that was supposed to tell you how to have a green thumb without an aching back. It was an average paperback in size, and after a while got terribly boring. Finally just about in the middle of the book was the one page that told the secret of how to have a green thumb without an aching back. One page! That was it. One page! The system I have to share with you will take more than one page to adequately explain, but I certainly won't waste your time like so many authors do! It was harder to condense the material down to the few pages following than it would have been to just write a long book. However, all your time collectively saved by having a shorter explanation is more valuable than the extra time it took me to remove excess fat.

You will learn in this short book how to have the ultimate filing system with or without using a computer. I'm dedicated to helping you make the most of the information you presently have and will have in the future. This filing system was designed to save you time and money. Use it at home for yourself, or become a real hero and use it at work or for your clients.

This system was developed out of frustration. In 1976 I had brought a sports car home from overseas, then just stored it for a year. I decided to sell it, but couldn't find the title! It looked like I owned an expensive car that I couldn't sell or even register. Finally I got lucky, found the title and sold the car. There had to be a better way to keep documents and information so you could easily file, and even more important locate what you need later. I searched everywhere for a good system and couldn't find it, so was forced to develop it. Now with more than 10 years of refinement through use, I'm sharing it with you. I feel this book was destined to be not so much because of me, but because of events that have occurred.

For several years I had used the system with great success in the lubricants business. It was great for having brochures on various products, technical information, and information about customers and their equipment on hand instantly! At tax time it was even greater!

Later I found myself in the financial services industry. I began to notice that a lot of my clients had trouble finding their financial information. On occasion I'd mention that perhaps they could use my filing system. I realized a book was needed as I didn't have time to explain it to everyone.

At the same time I noticed the new secretary in our office couldn't find anything in the filing system. Our office was growing, and a lot of new people being promoted were having trouble keeping track of paperwork, so I taught a short class on getting organized with my filing system. Most of them had been spending hours a week shuffling papers. With the same paperwork load I was spending a few minutes. Now you can do the same.


Copyright 1996 by Ed Sanders.