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The info in here is brought to you by AMSOIL Direct Jobber, Ed Sanders.
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You may have noticed when looking at what your ancestors did, where they moved, etc., that when they saw a good thing, they shared the info about it with their relatives. When they found new land to pioneer in, or a business opportunity that was becoming available, they told their relatives about it. Those relatives who shared their eagerness in the "land of opportunity" then jumped at the chance to succeed together. That's how much of the Lamson and Dodge families from Exeter, NH became successful by sharing the secrets and business of pottery. The Robinsons with lumber, the Dotys with farming, and many more you'll see throughout family trees.

Now I'm continuing the tradition by sharing an opportunity with you... AMSOIL. This is a proven business that is exploding with new products and innovative marketing! Some of our ancestors made fortunes in the age of pioneering the American frontier. Now we can do the same on the information frontier.

This is sponsored by AMSOIL Direct Jobber, Ed Sanders. The AMSOIL business works a lot like a family tree. I find it fits in very well with being a genealogy addict! Check out the AMSOIL section of this site for more info and/or e-mail me.


1.  Stephen LECOQ.

He was married to Ann BOSEARE SEENOTES.  Children of Stephen LECOQ and Ann BOSEARE were:

	+2	i.	Anthony Desire LACOE.


2.  Anthony Desire LACOE was born on Mar 11 1780 in 1 League west of Havre, in Garville, France.  He died on Mar 7 1883 in Newton Township. Luzerne Co. PA.  He was christened in France.

He was married to Magdelenne Emilie DUPUY in 1812.  Magdelenne Emilie DUPUY was born on Aug 10 1790 in Saint Domingue (Haiti).  She was christened on Aug 12 1793 in Roman Chapel in Philadelphia PA.  She died in 1844.  Children of Anthony Desire LACOE and Magdelenne Emilie DUPUY were:

	+3	i.	Elizabeth LACOE.


3.  Elizabeth LACOE was born on Dec 25 1813.  She died on Mar 4 1884.

She was married to Thomas MILLIGAN on Mar 22 1831.  Thomas MILLIGAN was born on Jul 12 1801.  He died on Jan 28 1872.  Children of Elizabeth LACOE and Thomas MILLIGAN were:

	+4	i.	Mary Marie (Polly) MILLIGAN.


4.  Mary Marie (Polly) MILLIGAN was born on Aug 18 1837.  She died in Dec 1872.

She was married to Jacob A. AYERS on Dec 19 1855.  Jacob A. AYERS was born on Nov 17 1824.  He died on May 30 1891.  Children of Mary Marie (Polly) MILLIGAN and Jacob A. AYERS were:

	+5	i.	William David AYERS.


5.  William David AYERS was born on Apr 20 1869.  He died on Jan 22 1952.

He was married to Matilda MUNSON on Feb 3 1897.  Matilda MUNSON was born on Jul 25 1875.  She died in Mar 1958.  Children of William David AYERS and Matilda MUNSON were:

	+6	i.	Elmer Charles AYERS.


6.  Elmer Charles AYERS was born on Mar 2 1899 in Newton Township. PA?.  He died on Aug 27 1987 in Tyler Menorial Hosp. Tunkhannock.

He was married to Fay Agatha AVERY on Apr 16 1924.  Fay Agatha AVERY was born on Jan 18 1905 in Overfield Township, Mill City Area, Wyoming County, PA..  She died on Aug 3 1990 in Nursing Home Tunkhannock, PA.  Children of Elmer Charles AYERS and Fay Agatha AVERY were:

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