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You may have noticed when looking at what your ancestors did, where they moved, etc., that when they saw a good thing, they shared the info about it with their relatives. When they found new land to pioneer in, or a business opportunity that was becoming available, they told their relatives about it. Those relatives who shared their eagerness in the "land of opportunity" then jumped at the chance to succeed together. That's how much of the Lamson and Dodge families from Exeter, NH became successful by sharing the secrets and business of pottery. The Robinsons with lumber, the Dotys with farming, and many more you'll see throughout family trees.

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From: HowieHurls@aol.com
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 04:18:13 -0400
To: esanders@moose.ncia.net
Subject: RE:  Research name: Colcord

    I was just browsing the web, upon entering my last name I came up with
your geneology page.  Among the people you are researching is a Lydia
Colcord, and a Edward Colcord.  My grandfather's name is Edward Colcord.
 He's 82 (I think.)  If you can give me some geneological information or if
you would like some, please e-mail me.


1.  Edward COLCORD1.

  Children of Edward COLCORD and Mary GORDON were:

	+2	i.	Lydia COLCORD.


2.  Lydia COLCORD1 died in 1776.1

She was married to Benjamin PHILBRICK on Dec 25 1747 in Kingston, NH.  Benjamin PHILBRICK1 was born on Jul 16 1721 in Exeter, NH.1  He died on Oct 22 1769 in Exeter, NH..  Was a blacksmith.  Children of Lydia COLCORD and Benjamin PHILBRICK were:

	+3	i.	Mehitable (Hitty) PHILBRICK.
	4	ii.	Hannah PHILBRICK1 was born in 1746.  She died in 1749.
	5	iii.	Benjamin PHILBRICK1 was born on Feb 3 1749 in Exeter, NH..  He died on Oct 19 1751.
	+6	iv.	Lydia PHILBRICK.
	7	v.	Samuel PHILBRICK1 was born on Dec 15 1754 in Exeter, NH..  He died in 1758.
	8	vi.	Edward PHILBRICK1 was born on May 16 1757 in Exeter, NH..  He died in 1758.
	+9	vii.	Samuel PHILBRICK.
	+10	viii.	John PHILBRICK.
	+11	ix.	Mary PHILBRICK.
	+12	x.	Edward PHILBRICK.

  Lydia COLCORD and Joseph PHILBRICK had no known children.


3.  Mehitable (Hitty) PHILBRICK was born on Nov 7 1766 in Exeter, NH.  She died on Feb 18 1861 in Plainfield, VT.  She was buried in Village Cem. in Plainfield.

She was married to Joseph LAMSON on Nov 2 1784.  Joseph LAMSON was born on Apr 13 1762 in Exeter, NH.  He died on Mar 15 1835 in Plainfield, VT.2  He was a weaver.

Barbara Holt
135 Spur Rd.
Dover, NH 03820
Barbara saw in Yankee Genealogy section?
9/15/95 received letter and genealogy info from Barbara Holt.

From History of Francistown, NH, by Cochrane, 1895.

Joseph Lamson lived on the Aaron Lewis place quite early. He was made
hogreef in 1785. The house in which he lived was burned down in a forest
fire, Apr. 15, 1892. Joseph and Mehitable Lamson joined the church here
in 1792.  Children of Mehitable (Hitty) PHILBRICK and Joseph LAMSON were:

	+13	i.	Lydia or Lidda LAMSON.
	14	ii.	LAMSON2.
	+15	iii.	Benjamin Philbrook or Filbrock LAMSON.
	+16	iv.	Parnal or Parnell Giddein or Parnel Giddings or Gidden LAMSON.
	17	v.	Nathaniel LAMSON was born on Jan 9 1794 in Plainfield, VT.  He died on Aug 22 1803 in Plainfield VT.2
	+18	vi.	Daniel LAMSON.
	+19	vii.	Olive LAMSON.
	+20	viii.	Polly (Mary) LAMSON.
	+21	ix.	Thomas Jefferson LAMSON.
	+22	x.	David LAMSON.

6.  Lydia PHILBRICK1 was born on Mar 7 1952 in Exeter, NH..

She was married to Jabez DODGE on Aug 15 1771.  Children of Lydia PHILBRICK and Jabez DODGE were:

	23	i.	Benjamin DODGE was born in 1774.
	+24	ii.	Joseph DODGE.
	25	iii.	Samuel DODGE was born in 1783 in Exeter, NH.3
	+26	iv.	John DODGE.
	+27	v.	Nancy DODGE.

9.  Samuel PHILBRICK1 was born on Apr 20 1759 in Exeter, NH..  He died on Mar 10 1840.  Was a potter in Exeter.

He was married to Hannah ROBINSON on Oct 28 1784 in Exeter, NH..  Samuel PHILBRICK and Hannah ROBINSON had no known children.

10.  John PHILBRICK1 was born on May 4 1761.  Was a blacksmith in Kingston, NH.
Also perhaps lived in Gilmanton, NH.

  John PHILBRICK and Sarah STEVENS had no known children.

11.  Mary PHILBRICK1 was born on Jun 10 1763.

  Mary PHILBRICK and Noah BARKER had no known children.

12.  Edward PHILBRICK1 was born on Jun 8 1769.  He died in Aug 1858.  Was a door keeper at the statehouse in Concord, NH.

  Edward PHILBRICK and Sally DURGIN had no known children.


13.  Lydia or Lidda LAMSON2 was born on Feb 20 1790.  She died on Jul 6 1842 in Barre, VT..1

She was married to Daniel BANCROFT in Sep 1812 in Plainfield township, VT.  Declared their marriage intention in Barre, VT Aug 30, 1812, Marriage recorded Oct 25 1812. Daniel was from Barre  Children of Lydia or Lidda LAMSON and Daniel BANCROFT were:

	+28	i.	Mary BANCROFT.
	29	ii.	William BANCROFT was born on Nov 6 1815 in Barre township, VT.2

15.  Benjamin Philbrook or Filbrock LAMSON was born on Nov 11 1785 in Plainfield, VT.2  He died on Mar 21 1862.1

He was married to Sally CATE on Dec 3 1807.  Benjamin Philbrook or Filbrock LAMSON and Sally CATE had no known children.

16.  Parnal or Parnell Giddein or Parnel Giddings or Gidden LAMSON was born on Dec 30 1787 in Plainfield, VT.  He died on Jun 1 1809 in Plainfield, VT  d. month?.  He was buried in Plainfield cem., VT.

  Parnal or Parnell Giddein or Parnel Giddings or Gidden LAMSON and George RICH had no known children.

18.  Daniel LAMSON1 was born on Sep 18 1796 in Francistown, NH (?).  He died on Jan 5 1877 in Check Plainfield Cem..  He was buried in Plainfield Town cem..

He was married to Polly\Mary STEVENS on May 28 1820 in Montpelier, VT..  Polly\Mary STEVENS2 was born on Jul 22 1798 in East Montpelier, VT..  She died on May 7 1866 in Plainfield, VT.  She was buried in Plainfield, VT town cem..  Children of Daniel LAMSON and Polly\Mary STEVENS were:

	+30	i.	Nathaniel LAMSON.
	+31	ii.	Jonas Galusha LAMSON.
	+32	iii.	Julia Ann LAMSON.
	+33	iv.	Daniel Fillmore or Philmore LAMSON.
	+34	v.	John Stephens (Stevens) LAMSON.
	+35	vi.	Ira Philbrick LAMSON.
	36	vii.	Laura LAMSON was born on Apr 29 1835 in Plainfield, VT.  She died on Mar 16 1854 in Lawrence, MA of typhoid fever..4
	+37	viii.	Diana LAMSON.
	+38	ix.	Maryan or Mary A. LAMSON.

19.  Olive LAMSON1 was born on Jan 17 1799 in Plainfield, VT..  She died on Dec 27 1872 in Plainfield, VT..

James BATCHELDER1 was born in Barre, VT..  Olive LAMSON and James BATCHELDER had no known children.

20.  Polly (Mary) LAMSON1 was born on May 26 1801 in Francestown, NH..  She died on Jan 14 1881 in Plainfield, VT..

  Polly (Mary) LAMSON and Jeremiah (Jerry) BATCHELDER had no known children.

21.  Thomas Jefferson LAMSON1 was born on Sep 18 1804 in Plainfield, VT..

He was married to Rosetta WHIPPLE on Jul 29 1827.  Thomas Jefferson LAMSON and Rosetta WHIPPLE had no known children.

22.  David LAMSON1 was born on Jun 18 1807 in Plainfield, VT.  He died on Nov 5 1882 in Cabot, VT..  Was a farmer.

  David LAMSON and Phila (Phebe?) MCCLINTOCK had no known children.

24.  Joseph DODGE was born in 1776.

Children of Joseph DODGE were:

	+39	i.	Jabez DODGE.
	+40	ii.	Samuel DODGE.

26.  John DODGE was born in 1791 in Exeter, NH.3

Children of John DODGE were:

	41	i.	John Edwin DODGE.

27.  Nancy DODGE was born in 1789 in Exeter, NH.3

She was married to John LAMSON in 1811 in Exeter, NH.3  John LAMSON was born in 1785.  Children of Nancy DODGE and John LAMSON were:

	+42	i.	Asa Brown LAMSON.


28.  Mary BANCROFT was born on Apr 26 1813 in Barre township, VT.  She died on Jan 30 1877 in Calais, VT of consumption..2

She was married to David Starrett PIERCE on Dec 8 1835.  David Starrett PIERCE was born on Jun 7 1806 in Hebron, NH (History of Francistown, NH) or Hudson, NH.5,2  He died on Mar 26 1856 in or July, 1891 in Calais, VT.  Children of Mary BANCROFT and David Starrett PIERCE were:

	+43	i.	Mary Amelia PIERCE.
	+44	ii.	George W. PIERCE.
	45	iii.	David A. PIERCE was born on Oct 12 1841.  He/she died in Jul 1891 in Calais, VT.5
	46	iv.	Joseph PIERCE was born on Apr 10 1844.  He died on May 24 1876.5
	47	v.	Lydia PIERCE was born on Aug 13 1846.  She died on Sep 11 1871.5
	48	vi.	Daniel B. PIERCE was born on Mar 30 1850.5
	+49	vii.	Abbie Susan PIERCE.
	50	viii.	Hittie L. PIERCE was born on May 13 1854.5
	+51	ix.	Lilla Ada PIERCE.

30.  Nathaniel LAMSON4 was born on May 1 1821 in Plainfield, VT.

He was married to Clarissa MOREAU on Oct 8 1851 in Batavia, NY..  Nathaniel LAMSON and Clarissa MOREAU had no known children.

31.  Jonas Galusha LAMSON1 was born on Mar 21 1823 in Plainfield VT.4  He died on Jun 9 1900.  Lived in Prairie View IL & later Phoenix AZ.

He was married to Jane MANNY on Jul 13 1848 in Nashua, NH..  Jonas Galusha LAMSON and Jane MANNY had no known children.

32.  Julia Ann LAMSON1 was born on Mar 11 1825 in Plainfield VT.4  He died on Jun 13 1885.

He was married to George C. WALES on Jan 8 1844 in Plainfield, VT..  Julia Ann LAMSON and George C. WALES had no known children.

33.  Daniel Fillmore or Philmore LAMSON4 was born on Dec 26 1826 in Plainfield, VT.  He died on Jan 14 1912 in Plainfield, VT.1

He was married to Eliza HALEY on Aug 30 1860 in Lawrence, MA..  Daniel Fillmore or Philmore LAMSON and Eliza HALEY had no known children.

34.  John Stephens (Stevens) LAMSON1 was born on Apr 22 1830 in Plainfield VT.4  Lived in Sextonville & Lodi, WI.

He was married to Philena MOORE on Oct 23 1856 in Lowell, MA..  John Stephens (Stevens) LAMSON and Philena MOORE had no known children.

He was married to Minerva RING on Apr 1 1850 in Lowell, MA..  John Stephens (Stevens) LAMSON and Minerva RING had no known children.

35.  Ira Philbrick LAMSON1 was born on Jul 8 1832 in Plainfield, VT.4  He died on Jun 16 1903 in Salem, NH.  He moved to Lawrence, MA to work in thje woolen mills.
He owned a periodical store in Lawrence, MA when he died.
Started it in 1877.
Was in the Civil War - Company C 4th heavy Artillery.

He was married to Almira B. FAIRBANKS on Dec 8 1866 in Lawrence, MA.  Ira Philbrick LAMSON and Almira B. FAIRBANKS had no known children.

He was married to Naomi Kendall PETTENGILL on Oct 17 1853 in Lawrence, MA..  Naomi Kendall PETTENGILL1 was born in Jun 1834 in Franklin, ME..  She died on Feb 6 1864 in East Haverhill, MA of consumption..  Children of Ira Philbrick LAMSON and Naomi Kendall PETTENGILL were:

	+52	i.	Charles Herbert LAMSON.
	53	ii.	Laura Elizabeth LAMSON1 was born on Aug 17 1855 in Lawrence, MA.  She died in 1940.
	54	iii.	George Waterhouse LAMSON1 was born on Apr 2 1861 in Lawrence, MA.  He died on Jun 4 1936.  Lived in Syracuse, NY, Grand Beach, MI, and Chicago, IL.
			No children known of.

37.  Diana LAMSON was born on Apr 16 1837 in Plainfield, VT.4  She died in 1900.1

She was married to Ozias H. THOMPSON on Feb 25 1855 in Plainfield, VT..  Diana LAMSON and Ozias H. THOMPSON had no known children.

38.  Maryan or Mary A. LAMSON was born on Jun 23 1839 in Plainfield, VT.4  She died on Oct 25 1855.  She was buried in Plainfield, VT..

She was married to Buel W. DEAN on Feb 6 1855 in Chicopee, MA..  Maryan or Mary A. LAMSON and Buel W. DEAN had no known children.

39.  Jabez DODGE.

Children of Jabez DODGE were:

	55	i.	Samuel DODGE was born in 1783.

40.  Samuel DODGE.

Children of Samuel DODGE were:

	+56	i.	Charles S. DODGE.

42.  Asa Brown LAMSON was born in 1818.

  Children of Asa Brown LAMSON and Mary Ann CARR were:

	57	i.	Rufus LAMSON was born in 1844.
	+58	ii.	Frank Hudson LAMSON.
	+59	iii.	Mary A. LAMSON.


43.  Mary Amelia PIERCE was born on May 31 1839 in East Montpelier, VT.2  She died on Sep 11 1872 in Calais, VT.

She was married to Julius Sullivan ROBINSON on Jan 1 1862.  Julius Sullivan ROBINSON6 was born on Mar 9 1836 in Calais, VT.7  He died in 1882.  Children of Mary Amelia PIERCE and Julius Sullivan ROBINSON were:

	+60	i.	Inda M. ROBINSON.
	+61	ii.	Irving George ROBINSON.
	62	iii.	Ilda ROBINSON was born in 1865.7

44.  George W. PIERCE was born on Feb 17 1837 in or feb 27 1837.  He died on May 10 1896 in March 1896 ? Cadys Falls?.5

He was married to Jane S. BRADFORD on Apr 18 1865.  George W. PIERCE and Jane S. BRADFORD had no known children.

49.  Abbie Susan PIERCE was born on Nov 5 1852.8  She died on Feb 11 1931.5,9  Named for Abigail and Susan Pierce, her aunts.

She was married to George E. RANDALL on Dec 16 1880.  George E. RANDALL5 was born on Jun 14 1846 in Charlestown, NH.  He died in 1925.  He was buried in Northfield VT, Cem. near high school..  George was a rairload man and early in his carreer was working out west
but they spent most of their married life in Wells River, Vermont and
resided in a beautiful large home on the hill above the railroad station.
Calais relatives often visited via the Montpelier-Wells River Railroad.  Children of Abbie Susan PIERCE and George E. RANDALL were:

	63	i.	Mary RANDALL was born on Jun 28 1882.  She died in 1902.5
	64	ii.	Ruth RANDALL was born on Jun 28 1884.  She died on Mar 19 1973.5  Never married. Was close friends with her cousin, Inda Robinson Wheeler.

51.  Lilla Ada PIERCE was born on Nov 25 1856.  She died in Oct 1881 in Calais, VT.5

She was married to George HALL on Aug 18 1876.  Lilla Ada PIERCE and George HALL had no known children.

52.  Charles Herbert LAMSON1 was born on Apr 2 1861 in Lawrence, MA.  He died on Sep 25 1954 in Springfield, Ill..

He was married to Mary Catherine RICKARD on Jan 13 1884 in Washington DC..  Mary Catherine RICKARD1 was born on Jul 28 1863 in Washington DC..  She died on Jun 20 1923 in Fitzwilliam, NH..  She was buried in Washington DC Congressional cem..  Children of Charles Herbert LAMSON and Mary Catherine RICKARD were:

	+65	i.	Bertha LAMSON.
	66	ii.	Austin L. LAMSON1 was born on Jan 1 1885 in Washington DC.  He died on Jan 2 1885 in Washington DC.
	67	iii.	Laura Alice LAMSON1 was born on Jun 8 1887 in Washington DC (?).
	68	iv.	Jennie Z. LAMSON1 was born on Apr 16 1889 in Washington DC.  She died on Nov 29 1893 in Washington DC..

56.  Charles S. DODGE.

  Charles S. DODGE and Mary A. LAMSON had no known children.

58.  Frank Hudson LAMSON was born in 1859.  He died on Oct 28 1936.3

  Children of Frank Hudson LAMSON and Carrie were:

	+69	i.	Everett C. LAMSON.
	70	ii.	Charles LAMSON.
	71	iii.	Herbert D. LAMSON.
	72	iv.	Grace LAMSON.

59.  Mary A. LAMSON.

  Mary A. LAMSON and Charles S. DODGE had no known children.


60.  Inda M. ROBINSON was born on Apr 13 1867 in Calais, VT.  She died on Feb 2 1944 in Calais, VT.5  Died of heart attack.

She was married to Simon Shubel WHEELER on Sep 25 1889.  Simon Shubel WHEELER was born on May 25 1865 in Calais, VT..5,10  He died on Dec 27 1947 in North Montpelier, VT.  He was buried in Robinson Cem., Calais, VT..  When Simon and Inda were married they went to live in the small house close to the Maple Corners schoolhouse (it's still there as of 1992). It was here that Julius was born. Later they moved to Kents Corner where Joel was born. (It's not known for sure which house but it may have been the Bulluck house.) After this they lived on a farm on the county road in East Montpelier. These buildings burned; were rebuilt and later lived in by Chester and Lucy Anderson, Inda's half sister. After the fire Simon and Inda went to live with her brother and wife, Irving and Nellie and family of daughters at the Robinson homestead -- reached from a road leading off the Calais-Worcester road just beyond Curtis Pond. The farm buildings, including a large brick house with white ell sets on top of a hill from which there is a magnificent view of Maple Corner Village and the mountains beyond. Raymond was born here and it was shortly after his birth that Simon and Inda purchased the Bennett farm just out of Maple Corners on the County Road toard Montpelier. There is a Cape Cod style house, painted white and with attached woodshed, horse barn and storage shed.   Simon was a successful farmer, keeping his buildings in tip top shape and raising good crops for his dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, hens, and horses. He also worked on the town roads and was known as an excellent teamster. They raised their three sons here and taught them good farming practices. They also made a home for a local homeless girl, Florence Berry. During World War I Joel took over the farm. Julius had married and had his own place and Raymond was in the army.   In time the couple moved to Maple Corners and lived once again in the house they occupied when first wed. They were also caretakers at different times at the Oscar Gallagher home next door. Later they lived in the apartment in Julius and Mary's farm home just across the brook. It was there that Inda died of a heart attack in 1944.  Children of Inda M. ROBINSON and Simon Shubel WHEELER were:

	+73	i.	Joel Robinson WHEELER.
	+74	ii.	Raymond Dewey WHEELER.
	+75	iii.	Julius Henry WHEELER.

61.  Irving George ROBINSON7 was born in 1864.

He was married to Nellie SWASEY on Oct 12 1887 in Calais, VT.  Nellie SWASEY was born on Feb 10 1864 in Morristown, VT.7  She died in Nov 1959 in Putnam Rest Home in Middlesex, VT..  Children of Irving George ROBINSON and Nellie SWASEY were:

	+76	i.	Minnie ROBINSON.
	+77	ii.	Mary Louise ROBINSON.
	+78	iii.	Mildred ROBINSON.
	+79	iv.	Emily ROBINSON.
	+80	v.	Ilda ROBINSON.
	+81	vi.	Elinor Rachel ROBINSON.

65.  Bertha LAMSON1 was born on Jul 13 1891 in Buffalo, NY.  She died on Jan 16 1981 in Franconia, NH..  She was buried in Ashes buried in Mt. Auburn cem. in Smith plot..

She was married to Whipple F. SMITH on Jan 25 1915 in Boston, MA..  Children of Bertha LAMSON and Whipple F. SMITH were:

	82	i.	SMITH.
	+83	ii.	Rosalind Whipple SMITH.

69.  Everett C. LAMSON.

Children of Everett C. LAMSON were:

	84	i.	Everett C., Jr. LAMSON.


73.  Joel Robinson WHEELER was born on Oct 5 1893 in Calais, VT.  He died on Jun 6 1982 in Berlin VT in a nursing home..  Died of Arterio Sclerotic Heart Disease due to chronic bro.. syndrom,
Arthritis, Pneuninitis, etc.
(Had demenita or Alzeimer's?)  He was buried in Plainmont Cem., East Montpelier, Washington, Vt.  Worked in G.E. Mann's store in Calais, VT and C.P. Dudley's store in East Montpelier, VT. In 1916 he worked at Berry-Ball Company Store in St. Johnsbury, and then in the war moved back to his family farm in Calais. Then moved to Montpelier and worked at Vermont College for 18 years before retiring. Next bought a house in West Bolton, VT.

He was married to Hilda BRAZIER on Oct 9 1916.  Hilda BRAZIER was born on Oct 19 1896 in 94 Chapel St., Ilkeston, County of Derby, England.  She was baptized on May 4 1897 in Parish of Ilkeston, County of Derby, Gotham, Nottingham, England..11  Baptized Methodist. Certificate a true copy from the Primitive Methodist Register Book of Baptism at Gotham at Nottingham 1st Circuit.  She died on Dec 4 1990 in Burlington, VT, in Mary Fletcher Hospital.  She was buried in Plainmont Cem., East Montpelier, Washington, Vt.  !source: Vt. V.R. card gave birth place as "Ilhiston", but is mostly likely Elston which is near Bingham & Screveton
Note from Ed Sanders:
The above spellings of Ilkeston, county of Derby, are all wrong. Here is the exact info from her birth certificate:
CE 187628  B. Cert. S.R.
Number: 160
When and where born: Oct. 19, 1896, 94 Chapel St., Ilkeston, U.D.
Name: Hilda   Father: Arthur James Brazier  Mother: Elizabeth Brazier, formerly Holland.  Profession of father: general labourer.

She sailed to America from Liverpool on the ship Britannic, departed on May 12th, 1897, number 5 on the manifest. Her health inspection card was punched ten times for each day by the ship's surgeon.

Town Clerk on Marriage License, Clark Sibley, East Montpelier.  Children of Joel Robinson WHEELER and Hilda BRAZIER were:


74.  Raymond Dewey WHEELER5 was born on Jun 24 1898 in Calais, VT.  He died on Oct 20 1981 in Berlin, VT of old age..  He was buried in North Montpelier VT Cem..  Died of strokes and dementia.

He was married to Bernice V. ANGELL on Aug 14 1919.  Bernice V. ANGELL5 was born on Aug 18 1895 in Woodbury, VT.  She died on Mar 11 1991 in Barre, VT of old age..  She was buried in North Montpelier VT Cem..  Children of Raymond Dewey WHEELER and Bernice V. ANGELL were:

	+88	i.	Doris Mary WHEELER.
	+89	ii.	Donald Angell WHEELER.
	+90	iii.	Lucille Vienna WHEELER.

75.  Julius Henry WHEELER5 was born on Aug 8 1890.  He died in 1956 in Heaton Hospital, Montpelier, VT..  Died of cancer.

He was married to Mary Henrietta BANCROFT on Dec 27 1911.  Mary Henrietta BANCROFT5 was born on Mar 19 1887.  She died on Jan 18 1946.  She was buried in Robinson cem, Calais, VT.  Julius Henry WHEELER and Mary Henrietta BANCROFT had no known children.

76.  Minnie ROBINSON was born in 1888.7  Of Wilmington, VT. (1959)

  Minnie ROBINSON and Merton BARBER had no known children.

77.  Mary Louise ROBINSON was born in 1892.7  Of Calais, VT.

  Mary Louise ROBINSON and John MORSE had no known children.

78.  Mildred ROBINSON was born in 1895.7  Of County Rd., East Montpelier, VT (1959)

79.  Emily ROBINSON was born in 1897.7  Of Wilmington, VT. (1959)

  Emily ROBINSON and Harold WHEELER had no known children.

80.  Ilda ROBINSON was born in 1902.7  Of Worcester, VT. (1959)

Ferdinand FIOLA died in 1944.7  Ilda ROBINSON and Ferdinand FIOLA had no known children.

Hiram WITHAM was born in 1948.7  Ilda ROBINSON and Hiram WITHAM had no known children.

81.  Elinor Rachel ROBINSON was born in 1906.7  Of Scituate MA (1959)

  Elinor Rachel ROBINSON and Frank SAMPSON had no known children.


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