1. Edward Ira SANDERS was born on Aug 14 1954 in Heaton Hospital, Montpelier, VT.. He served in the military on Oct 1 1972 in Manchester, NH. (1) Enlisted in the United States Air Force for 6 years. He served in the military in Jul 1995 in Burlington, VT.

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Fellow genealogy fans.

Lucille Barrett Campbell, Brazier, Doty, Wheeler, Robinson lines.

Anne Gorman, The Brazier Line.

Roberta Gallant Taylor, Brazier line.

Ray Laitress, LaBounty and Pudvah lines.

Mrs. Jean Renshaw, England. Brazier line.

Ilda Witham (Robinson). Ilda has passed on, her husband, Hiram Witham
been most gracious allowing us to copy the information she gathered on
the Doty
and Robinson families.

Barbara Pratt. Barbara (my sister) has done research on the Sanders

David Sylvester, Doty line,

Mildred Morse wrote the article on Samuel Robinson.

Thanks to the following for sharing family info:

Steve Gallagher, Reed Cherrington, Nicole Dragoon, Irma Pudvah, John

Cecile Costine, Much work on the Philbrick and Martin families.

Barbara Holt, Much work on the Philbrick line.

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