222. Joseph LAMSON was born on Apr 13 1762 in Exeter, NH. He died on Mar 15 1835 in Plainfield, VT.(3) He was a weaver.
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From History of Francistown, NH, by Cochrane, 1895.
Joseph Lamson lived on the Aaron Lewis place quite early. He was made
hogreef in 1785. The house in which he lived was burned down in a
forest fire, Apr. 15, 1892. Joseph and Mehitable Lamson joined the
church here in 1792. He was married to Mehitable (Hitty) PHILBRICK on Nov 2 1784.

223. Mehitable (Hitty) PHILBRICK was born on Nov 7 1766 in Exeter, NH. She died on Feb 18 1861 in Plainfield, VT. She was buried in Village Cem. in Plainfield. Children were:

child111 i. Lydia or Lidda LAMSON.
child ii. LAMSON(3).
child iii. Benjamin Philbrook or Filbrock LAMSON was born on Nov 11 1785 in Plainfield, VT.(3) He died on Mar 21 1862. (37)
child iv. Parnal or Parnell Giddein or Parnel Giddings or Gidden LAMSON was born on Dec 30 1787 in Plainfield, VT. He died on Jun 1 1809 in Plainfield, VT d. month?. He was buried in Plainfield cem., VT.
child v. Nathaniel LAMSON was born on Jan 9 1794 in Plainfield, VT. He died on Aug 22 1803 in Plainfield VT.(3)
child vi. Daniel LAMSON(37) was born on Sep 18 1796 in Francistown, NH (?). He died on Jan 5 1877 in Check Plainfield Cem.. He was buried in Plainfield Town cem..
child vii. Olive LAMSON(37) was born on Jan 17 1799 in Plainfield, VT.. She died on Dec 27 1872 in Plainfield, VT..
child viii. Polly (Mary) LAMSON(37) was born on May 26 1801 in Francestown, NH.. She died on Jan 14 1881 in Plainfield, VT..
child ix. Thomas Jefferson LAMSON(37) was born on Sep 18 1804 in Plainfield, VT..
child x. David LAMSON(37) was born on Jun 18 1807 in Plainfield, VT. He died on Nov 5 1882 in Cabot, VT.. Was a farmer.

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