212. Arthur DAGGETT was born on Apr 23 1751 in Sutton, MA. He died on Aug 25 1835 in Montpelier, VT.(24) He was married to Lucy CUTLER on Dec 10 1772.

213. Lucy CUTLER was born in 1752. She died on Feb 23 1813 in Montpelier, VT..(24) Children were:

child106 i. Stephen DAGGETT.
child ii. Arthur DAGGETT(24) was born in 1775 in Sutton, MA. He died on Jan 11 1855 in Montpelier, VT.
child iii. Polly DAGGETT(24) was born on Feb 14 1781 in Sutton, MA. She died on Nov 1 1813 in Plainfield, VT.
child iv. John DAGGETT(24) was born on Dec 12 1777 in Sutton, MA. He died in Aug 1820 in Near Madison, Indiana..

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