1696. William DAGGETT (24) was born in 1661. He died on Jan 7 1695 in Marlblehead(?) MA. d. bef. this date.. "Daggett" was also at one time spelled with one "t", and at times with
one "g".

Nothing has been found of the birth or parentage of William Daggett.
There is a tradition that he came from Scotland. His name first
appears at Saco, ME., Dec. 3, 1861, when he is granted ten acres of
land at the head of his father Wormstall's lot. William Daggett may be
descended from William (5610) Doggett, who "28 2nd mo 1647" bought
house and land at Rehoboth, MA; but this is only conjecture, and the
writer has not found any further record of William of Rehoboth, or
earlier record of William of Saco, to aid in proving or disproving
this theory.
"The early settlers of Saco and vicinity were not like other fathers
of New England, religious sectarians flying from the intolerance of
their native land. "They were emigrants from motives of interest,
brought hither by the same impulse that even at the present day (1893)
carries men of an enterprising character to the very corners of the
earth." [Folsom's Saco.] He was married to Rebecca WORMSTALL in 1681.

1697. Rebecca WORMSTALL (24) was born in 1663. She died in 1727 in Sutton(?), MA d. bef. this date.. Children were:

child848 i. Ebenezer DAGGETT.
child ii. William DAGGETT was born in 1687 in Saco (?), ME.. He died in Jan 1745 in Salem, MA.(24)
child iii. Samuel DAGGETT(24) was born on Jan 7 1695 in Salem, MA. He died on Aug 24 1756 in Sutton, MA.

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