848. Ebenezer DAGGETT (24) was born in 1693 in Marblehead (?), MA. He died on Apr 8 1762 in Sutton, MA.. He was married to Hannah SIBLEY on Aug 10 1722.

849. Hannah SIBLEY (24) died on Feb 8 1731 in Sutton, MA.. Children were:

child424 i. Arthur DAGGETT.
child ii. William DAGGETT(24) was born on Aug 15 1727 in Sutton, MA. He died on Jan 13 1813 in Westmoreland, NH..
child iii. Ebenezer DAGGETT Doctor(24) was born on Apr 21 1723 in Sutton, MA. He died in 1761 in Mendon, MA.
child iv. Thomas DAGGETT(24) was born on Apr 25 1725 in Sutton, MA.

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