4. John Willard SANDERS was born on Mar 16 1888 in Burlington, VT. He died on May 28 1966. Died of bi-lateral bronchial pneumonia. He was buried in Lakeview Cem. in Burlington, VT.. Joined Canadian engineers in WW1, fought in France. Returned to the US
on White Star liner Olympic, used as a transport. Barbara Pratt has a
picture of it.
Was an electrician. Wired the first house in Vermont to have
electricity. (The Chittenden house in Williston). In retirement had a
sawmill and woodworking shop on his farm in Essex Center. Built a 26
foot cabin cruiser entirely by himself. Shortly before he died, he had
stored it along with a new planer in his barn. Had recently let the
insurance lapse. The barn and all contents burned to the ground. He was married to Helen Regina PUDVAH on Apr 15 1922 in Burlington VT.. He was divorced from Helen Regina PUDVAH.

5. Helen Regina PUDVAH was born on Mar 4 1904 in Fairfax, VT. Non Smoker, no glasses. Died of brain anuerism (sp?) She died on Sep 15 1952 in Burlington, VT., Bishop DesGrosbriand Hospital. Died of cerebreal Hemmorage. She was buried on Sep 18 1952 in Sanderson Corner Cem., Fairfax, VT. AKA Helen Ruth. Barbara Pratt has the birth certificate showing it as
Helen Regina.
Listed as Pudvion on birth certificate. Name has also been spelled Putvah, Potvin, etc.
Lived in a convent in Canada when her father died in 1912, She and her
brother went to the Warner Orphanage in Cambridge, VT.

Flags: Lebers/Blind=Y Children were:

child2 i. Wilson Arnold SANDERS.
child ii. Mildred Irma SANDERS(1) was born on Nov 12 1922 in Meriden, CT..(3)
child iii. John Willard jr. SANDERS(4) was born on Mar 22 1935 in Burlington VT, DesGrosbrian Hospital..

E-mail: John Willard jr. SANDERS
child iv. Miles Earl SANDERS(4) was born on Jan 3 1926 in Burlington, VT. Was in Korea in 1952 in US Army.
child v. Charles William SANDERS(4) was born on Dec 18 1936.
child vi. Jane SANDERS(4) was born on Dec 4 1927 in Burlington, VT at home..
child vii. Martha Ruth SANDERS(5) was born on Aug 2 1931 in Burlington, VT, DesGros... Hosp..

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