10. Arthur Albert PUDVAH was born on Jan 28 1879 in Canada. He died on Sep 2 1912 in Fairfax, VT. He was buried on Sep 4 1912 in Sanderson Corner Cem., Fairfax, VT.. (3) Lived in Fairfield, VT, was a laborer according to vital records of
Fairfield found on microfilm at ACGS in Manchester, NH.

11. Sarah Ruth BENTON (7) was born on Mar 10 1883 in Hartford, VT.. (8) Died age 25 via TB, Kids grown in orphanages in Stalbans, VT & Canada She died on Mar 2 1908 in Fairfax, VT of Pulmonary TB. She was buried on Mar 4 1908 in Sanderson Corner Cem., Fairfax, VT.. Died age 25 of TB. Children grew up in orphanages in St. Albans, VT
and in Canada (perhaps Granby) Flags: Lebers/Blind=Y Children were:

child5 i. Helen Regina PUDVAH.
child ii. Leo PUDVAH(9) (10) was born on Mar 2 1902 in Fairfield VT, Franklin County. He died on Jul 24 1967 in St. Albans, VT on Fairfax St..
child iii. Marion A.E. PUDVAH was born on Jul 7 1905 in Fairfax VT. (11) Died of breast cancer.
child iv. Louis A. PARTVION(10) was born on Mar 3 1902 in Fairfield, VT.
child v. Irene W. PUDVION was born on Aug 21 1907 in Fairfax, VT Dr. Phelps del.. (12)
child vi. Irene M. PUDVAH was born on Aug 21 1907 in Fairfax VT.. (3) Father listed as Arthur Pudvion, he was listed as born in PQ. in ACGS
Dr. Phelps, Fairfax.

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