22. William A. BENTON (19) was born in Bradford NH. Listed as a house painter on marriage record.
Listed as a laborer in 1883 record of Sarah Ruth's birth.
1879-1881 - Lived in Nashua, NH.
1881-1889 - Lived in Hartford, VT.
1894-1895 - Lived in Concord, NH.
1900 Lived in Loudon, NH.
Married by a Catholic Priest. (ACGS) He was married to Lizzie Louise COUTERMARSH on May 13 1878 in Hartford, VT. Married by a Catholic priest.

23. Lizzie Louise COUTERMARSH (20) was born on Aug 3 1859 in Hartford, VT. (21) Listed as Lucy Louisa Coutermanch in vital Records of Hartford, VT at
Birth. Died young while in White River Junction, VT, or Lebanon, NH of
inflammation of the bowels. Priest: M. Pigeon from White River
Flags: Lebers/Blind=Y
Dr. Kail Tsao
Richland Memorial Hospital
5 Richland Medical Park
Columbia SC 29203
803-765-7000 803-798-6553
Dr. Tsao has done a great deal of the Sanders Family genealogy due to
many family members having Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. This
is a hereditary disease causing blindness that can be passed on only
via females. Both males and females can go blind due to the disease.
Environmental factors are suspected to trigger blindness in people
susceptible to Leber's. He has written a paper on the topic which I
will reproduce here when he gives his permission to do so after it is
published. He would greatly appreciate any assistance you or we can
give him in gathering information about the family genealogy so we can
track this disease and help prevent it from being triggered. It was
his hard work that sparked my interest in genealogy. Children were:

child11 i. Sarah Ruth BENTON.
child ii. Annie Fannie BENTON(22) was born on Oct 10 1889 in Hartford, VT. Non smoker, non drinker. Lived in Claremont, NH, and Concord, NH at
one time.
child iii. George BENTON(22) was born in 1879 in Nashua NH.. Was a gardener.
child iv. Helen BENTON(22) was born in 1881 in Wilder, VT..(3) She died in 1969. Died of cancer. Died of cancer at the age of 88.
child v. Mary Lizzie BENTON(23) was born on May 27 1887 in Hartford, VT.
child vi. No Name BENTON was born on Aug 19 1881 in Nashua, NH. She died on Aug 22 1881 in Nashua NH of convulsions..

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