24. Henry Howe WHEELER was born on May 11 1835 in prob. in Calais, VT.. (13) He died in 1915. He was buried in Robinson Cem., Calais, VT..
The following written by Doris Wheeler
Gallison of Woodbury, VT:

Mrs. Alma Leonard's records say Henry was a farmer and lived about
one mile from the Robinson Cemetary in the Maple Corners, Kent Corners
area of Calais Vermont. Adeline's ancestry runs back in Calais and
further back to the first Ainsworth arrival in America. Ainsworth
genealogy written manyyears ago shows her as daughter of Fordis;
grandaughter of Parley and great-grand-daughter of Jacob, whose house
still stands in the Pekin section of Calais.
Henry and Adeline had eight children, all apparently born in Calais. I
(Doris) searched Woodbury, VT vital records c. 1837 to 1903 and found
no recorded births of children born to them. Only mention of the two
children, Charles and Amanda who married Woodbury residents. No
official document has been found that indicates when Henry and Adeline
moved to East Woodbury. However The Washington County Gazateer and
Directory 1783-1889 lists the following: Woodbury - Wheeler, Henry H.
(lower Cabot address) rd. 44; 10 cows; farmer; 100 acres; leases 100
of Horace Burnham.
Claribell Gallison of Plainfield, VT possesses a scrapbook compiled
by Elsie Mann Smith. In the book I (Doris) found a newspaper clipping
- June 20, 1901 - L.H. Goodell Woodbury) is building a new house for
Henry Wheeler.
I remember my father (Raymond) telling about his uncle's West and
Parley building a new house for their parents and doing some of the
work themselves. He said it was a very nice looking house but everyone
wondered why they built it where the barns cut off the beautiful view
of the mountains.
Copy of an item found among a collection of newspaper clippings:
"April, 1908 - Henry Wheeler of Woodbury was watering a cow in the
manger; she raised her head and he was struck in the eye by her horn.
It is feared he has lost the sight of it. He was taken to the
emergency hospital in Barre."
Henry Howe Wheeler was on the recruiting list for the Civil War. 1862
- 28 years old; married; farmer, Calais, VT. He was married to Adeline M. AINSWORTH on Feb 9 1862.

25. Adeline M. AINSWORTH(3) (13) was born on Dec 13 1844. Boud surname? Children were:

child12 i. Simon Shubel WHEELER.
child ii. Harriet WHEELER(13) was born on Oct 25 1863. She died on Jul 6 1883. She ahd her daughter, Mary, died in childbirth.
child iii. Elmer H. WHEELER(13) was born on Jan 6 1867. He died in 1906. They lived on the Elisha Wheeler place in Woodbury, VT, near
Henry Wheeler's home.
child iv. West S. WHEELER(13) was born on Aug 5 1869. He was buried on Mar 31 1913. Never married.
child v. Charles Warren WHEELER(13) was born on Jan 6 1872 in Calais, VT.. At the time of his marriage, Charles worked in Hopedale, MA as a
grocery clerk.
Elmer and Charles marriage statistice were found in Woodbury town
statistics. He died on Sep 9 1968. He was buried in East Calais VT cem., old side.. Was a grocery clerk in Hopedale, MA when married.
child vi. Parley WHEELER was born on Aug 15 1875. He died on Apr 16 1930 in Plainfield, VT.. Parley was never married. He lived in East Woodbury, VT. After his
deaths he went to live with his nephew, Julius Wheeler and wife Mame.
child vii. Hubert Howe WHEELER(13) was born on Sep 2 1879 in Calais, VT. He died on Aug 9 1947. Suicide. Hubert and Bertha lived in Cabot, VT, and raised their families there.
child viii. Amanda WHEELER(13) was born on Dec 28 1881. She died on Jan 14 1978. She was buried in Plain-Mont cem., E. Montpelier, VT. No children. Lived in South Woodbury VT when married to Albert
then Worchester and Plainfield when married to Robert Wark.

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