106. Stephen DAGGETT was born on Mar 7 1776 in Sutton, MA.(24) He died in 1811 in Montpelier, VT. Probate, St. Johnsbury, VT, 14 Aug. 1811. He was married to Mary (Polly) DOTY on Jul 8 1804 in Cornwall, VT..

107. Mary (Polly) DOTY (24) was born on Aug 13 1781 in Montpelier, VT.. She died on Mar 15 1855 in Calais, VT.. Children were:

child i. Lucy DAGGETT(36) was born on Jan 28 1805 in Montpelier, VT. She died in Calais, VT.(24)
child53 ii. Catherine DAGGETT.
child iii. Morritta or Marietta? DAGGETT(36) (24) was born on Sep 9 1809 in Montpelier, VT. She died on Oct 26 1840 in Calais, VT.
child iv. James Sullivan DAGGETT was born on Sep 20 1808 in Montpelier, VT. (24) He died in Calais, VT.(24) Was a shoemaker in Calais, VT, resided there for some time;
afterward at East Medway, MA.

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