1712. Joseph DOTY was born on Apr 30 1651 in Plymouth, MA.(61) He died between 1732 and 1735 in Rochester, MA. He was married to Deborah HATCH about 1680 in prob. Sandwich.

1713. Deborah HATCH(62) was born about 1662 in Scituate, MA. She died on Jun 21 1711 in Rochester, MA. Children were:

child856 i. Ellis DOTY.
child ii. Joseph DOTY(63) was born on Mar 31 1683 in Rochester, MA.
child iii. Deborah DOTY(64) was born on Mar 30 1685 in Rochester, MA.
child iv. John DOTY(65) was born on Mar 1 1688 in Rochester, MA.
child v. Mercy DOTY(66) was born on Jan 12 1691/92 in Rochester, MA.
child vi. Faith DOTY(67) was born on Jan 18 1696/97 in Rochester, MA.
child vii. Mary DOTY(68) was born on Jul 28 1699 in Rochester.

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