108. William PIERCE was born on Dec 1 1777 in Hilsborough, NH (31 Dec?) From large bible pres.. From large bible presented to Ilda G. Robinson by her uncle, Joseph
Pierce. He died on Mar 31 1826 in Marshfield, VT (Also 1834?). Was from Francistown, NH. He was married to Abigail STARRETT on Jul 15 1802.

109. Abigail STARRETT was born on Feb 20 1774 in Derryfield, NH (also Derifield, NH) (Now Manchester).. She died on Nov 24 1843 in (Also 1842 or 44?) Reading MA.. Children were:

child54 i. David Starrett PIERCE.
child ii. Abigail PIERCE was born on Apr 22 1803 in Hebron, NH. She died on Jan 9 1855 in Reading, MA.
child iii. Susan(a) PIERCE Unmarried was born on Sep 5 1804 in Hebron NH. She died on Aug 9 1862 in Reading, MA.
child iv. Simeon L. or P. PIERCE was born on Mar 12 1808 in Elexandra (Alexandria). He died in Oshkosh WI..
child v. William PIERCE was born on Jun 30 1812 in Havril (Haverhil) NH. He died in Reading, MA.
child vi. Elizabeth P. PIERCE was born on Feb 2 1810 in Hebron NH. She died on Mar 24 1868 in Reading MA.
child vii. Joseph PIERCE was born on Nov 18 1814 in Piermont NH. He died on Jul 4 1841 in or 1844. Williamstown, VT..
child viii. Moses (B. or E.) PIERCE was born on Aug 25 1816 in Piermont, NH. He died on Oct 12 1840 in Reading MA. Unmarried
child ix. George W. PIERCE was born on May 19 1819 in Piermont, NH. He died on Mar 9 1842 in Reading MA.

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