400. Thomas AINSWORTH (13) was born on Apr 5 1708 in Woodstock, CT. He died in Feb 1794 in Brookfield, MA. Thomas died in Brookfield, MA where all his children were born. Three
of his children, sons, came to Vermont and left descendants in Calais
and Woodbury. Ephriam's mostly in Woodbury and Jacob's and moses' in
Calais. He was married to Dorothy KELLOGG in 1729.

401. Dorothy KELLOGG (13) was born on Mar 6 1700.(52) Children were:

child i. Ephriam AINSWORTH(13) was born in Brookfield, MA. MOved to Woodbury, VT.
child ii. Moses AINSWORTH(13). Moved to Calais, VT.
child200 iii. Jacob AINSWORTH.
child iv. Smith AINSWORTH died on Sep 17 1758. He was born in Brookfield, MA.

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