48. Simon Shepard WHEELER (13) was born on Jan 2 1802 in Prob. Royalton, VT.. He died on Jul 19 1866 in Accidently at a barn raising in Canada.. (28) He was buried in Robinson Cem. Calais VT. Historian Mark Waite asserted that Simon and Harriet Wheeler first
lived on the Young Road in East Montpelier on land she inherited from
her father, Solomon Dodge Jr. Alonzo's obituary states he was born in
Calais so one can assume that the family moved to Calais in 1833 after
selling to Simon's brother Elisha.
An 1858 Calais map shows S.S. Wheeler residence on road between Gospel
Hollow and Robinson Cemetary Road (East). He was married to Harriet P. DODGE on Nov 14 1824.

49. Harriet P. DODGE(13) was born in 1809 in Enosburg, VT.. She died on May 20 1858. She was buried in Robinson Cem., Calais, VT.. Children were:

child24 i. Henry Howe WHEELER.
child ii. Amanda WHEELER(13). Lived in Hopedale, MA.
child iii. Mary Jane WHEELER(13) was born in 1830. She died on Jan 22 1846.
child iv. Alonzo WHEELER(13) was born on Nov 6 1837 in Calais, VT. He died on Jul 13 1906 in Calais, VT.. He was buried in Robinson Cem. Calais, VT. Had liver trouble, died of it at home in Calais. Always lived in
Alonzo owned a farm in Maple Corners village situated at the junction
County Road and Kents Corner Road. ("My Gene Book" says he drove the
Montpelier - Calais stage for many years.) After Alonzos death, Lucy
and Will remained on the farm. When Will married in 1911 an apartment
was made
for Lucy in the end of the house nearest the road. In a few years Will
suffered poor health and on July 4, 1919 he passed away suddenly.
Soon Alonzo's grand-nephew Julius Wheeler, son of Simon and Inda,
sold his farm in the Klondike area (farther north on County Road) and
Alonzo's farm. Lucy remained in the apartment until her death. She was
affectionately known as "Aunt Lucy" to the neighborhood.
child v. Elisha B. WHEELER(13) was born in 1841. He died in 1906. He was buried in East Calais Cem.. Lived in West Woodbury near Henry Wheeler, his brother.
child vi. Emaline WHEELER(13).

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