196. Solomon DODGE was born on Nov 8 1759 in Beverly, MA.(41) He died on Aug 8 1831 in Montpelier, VT. The following is from "Peterborough (NH) in the American Revolution by
Jonathan Smith, 1913. Published by the Peterborough Historical
Society. Found in the NH State Library in Concord, NH.
Solomon Dodge, probably with his parents, was a resident ot
Peterborough during the latter part of the Revolution. Married Nancy
Taggart, a daughter of the James Taggart who was a private in Captain
Henry Jackson's (Mass.) regiment, in Peterborough, Mar 10, 1787. In
the spring of 1788 he went to Montpelier, VT., with John Templeton,
his brother-in-law, and his family followed him there in 1789.
Enlisted into Captain Peter Clark's company of Colonel Daniel
Moore's regiment, which marched from Lyndeborough in 1777 to join the
American army at Saratoga, September 30, 1777; discharged, October
27th; service, 28 days. Rank, sergeant; pay per month, L4 18s. Total
pay and travel, L7 12s 3d. XV, 350, 352. Was a recruit in the
Continental Army for service at West Point in 1780. Enlisted June
28th; discharged, December 6, 1780.
Age, 20 years. Service, five months, 18 days. Amount of wages, L 750
8s; Allowance for blanket, L355; travel. L 58 16s. Ratio was 67 to 1.
Total L1144 4s. XVI, 82, 92, 106.

The following comes from the Washington Vermont County Gazateer and
Directory 1783 to 1889. John Templeton and Solomon Dodge came from
Peterboro, New Hampshire to East Montpelier, Vermont in June of 1788
and selected adjacent lots for their future homes. Templeton selected
the place where his grandson Austin T. resides and Dodge located on
the farm where his youngest daughter, Mrs. J.R. Young resides. They
commenced to fell the forest at once but soon returned to Peterborough
to do the haying.
Returning to East Montpelier they spent the remainder of the season
on their lots clearing land and building each of them a log house. In
March of 1789 they returned with their families and made East
Montpelier their permanent home. They had married sisters and were
accompanied by their father-in-law, James Taggart. The party stopped a
while with Colonel Davis at Montpelier. But as soon as practicable
they wended their way through snow two feet deep to their cabins in
the wilderness, five miles away. Templeton found that the back roof of
his cabin had in part blown away or crushed by the snow, so that the
snow was nearly as deep inside the house as without. There was no
alternative but to clear away the snow, build a fire and repair the
damages. Both the Templetons and the Dodges spent the remainder of
their lives on these farms. Thus began the first permanent settlement
of East Montpelier.
All of that season, until late fall when Colonel Davis had completed
his grist mill they were obliged to carry their flour and meal from
the nearest mill at Williamstown on their backs, a distance of twenty

Source of the following: "Across the Onion" by Hill and Blackwell,
pages 23 and 24.
John's first child, Mary, b. 5/5/1791 was the first female born in
East Montpelier. Solomon's son, James, b. 4/5/1790 was the first male
born in East Montpelier.

By a Thanksgiving discourse of Rev. John Gridley of Montpelier, VT., 8
Dec., 1842, it appears that Ebenezer and Solomon Dodge were in
Montpelier 29 March, 1791. See no. 101, p. 63. He was married to Nancy TAGGART on Mar 10 1787 in Peterborough, NH.

197. Nancy TAGGART(13) (41) died in 1826 in Montpelier, VT. Doris Wheeler called her Mary. Children were:

child98 i. Solomon Jr. DODGE.
child ii. Anna DODGE(42).
child iii. James DODGE(42) died in Calais, VT. In 1833 among the subscribers to the bonus for building the new state
house were James and Robert Dodge.
James was a farmer and owner of saw and grist mill.
Children were perhaps b. in Middlesex, VT.
child iv. Robert DODGE(42) died before 1847 in Calais, VT.
child v. Hannah DODGE(42).
child vi. Nathan DODGE(42) was born on Mar 6 1798.
child vii. Polly DODGE died in Died young..
child viii. Sarah DODGE(42).
child ix. John DODGE(42).
child x. Lydia DODGE(42).
child xi. Samuel DODGE(42).

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