192. Josiah WHEELER (13) was born on Jun 2 1750 in Plainfield, CT. He died on Apr 11 1827 in Barnston, PQ, Canada. Josiah Wheeler was a sergent in Captain Parkhurst's company in the
Revolutionary War. (For more details write War Service Record,
National Archives, Washington D.C. (file No. W19628). Josiah must have
come to the Sharon/Royalton area of Vermont around 1778. He is listed
as pound keeper in Sharon in 1778. At some time Josiah and Hannah
moved to Barnstead, P.Q., Canada where they both died. He was married to Hannah HOWE on Mar 18 1777.

193. Hannah HOWE(13) was born on Mar 26 1756 in Plainfield, CT. She died on Sep 6 1846 in Barnstead, PQ, Canada.. Children were:

child96 i. Howe WHEELER.
child ii. Zanna WHEELER(38) was born on Jul 18 1779. He (or she) died on Oct 9 1779.
child iii. Weston WHEELER(38) was born on Oct 12 1780. Lived in Calais, VT.
child iv. Calvin WHEELER(38) was born on Feb 3 1783. Lived in Royalton, VT.
child v. Elias WHEELER(38) was born in 1787.
child vi. John WHEELER(38) was born on Jan 14 1786.
child vii. Sally WHEELER(38) was born on Apr 15 1788.
child viii. Abigail WHEELER(38) was born in 1793. She died on Apr 14 1815.
child ix. Sylvester WHEELER(38) was born on Jan 20 1795.
child x. Phila WHEELER(38) died in 1885 in Canada.
child xi. Squire WHEELER(38) was born in 1790. He died in 1804.
child xii. Lucy WHEELER(38) was born in 1801. She died in Canada..
child xiii. Charity WHEELER(38) was born on Jul 10 1804 in Barnston, PQ, Canada.(39) She died on Aug 11 1826 in Barnston, PQ, Canada. (40)

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