1544. Samuel HOWE (49) was born on Oct 14 1654. He died in 1724 in Plainfield, CT. He was married to Mary NUTTING on Mar 26 1678.

1545. Mary NUTTING (49) was born on Jan 16 1656 in Chelmsford, MA. She died in 1728. Children were:

child772 i. John HOWE.
child769 ii. Sarah HOWE.
child iii. Hannah HOWE(49) was born on Jan 18 1684 in Plainfield, CT..
child iv. Deborah HOWE(49) was born on Oct 19 1685 in Plainfield, CT..
child v. Abigail HOWE(49) was born on Feb 27 1693 in Plainfield, CT.
child vi. Elizabeth HOWE(49) was born on Sep 16 1694 in Plainfield, CT.
child vii. Mary HOWE(49) was born on Oct 2 1682. She was of Cambridge, MA at marriage. They lived in Cambridge and
child viii. Samuel HOWE(49) was born on May 28 1679 in Concord, MA.. He died on Aug 31 1755 in Plainfield, CT..

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