772. John HOWE (49) was born about 1687 in Concord MA. He died in 1727 in Plainfield, CT. He was married to Phebe BUTTERFIELD on Apr 13 1709.

773. Phebe BUTTERFIELD (49). Children were:

child386 i. Jonas HOWE.
child ii. John HOWE(48) (49) was born on Aug 6 1712 in Plainfield, CT.
child iii. Josiah HOWE(49) was born on Mar 22 1710 in Plainfield CT.
child iv. Samuel HOWE(49) was born on Jun 24 1716 in Plainfield, CT.
child v. Louise (or Lucy) HOWE(49) was born on May 8 1814 in Plainfield, CT.
child vi. James HOWE(49) was born on Oct 8 1718 in Plainfield, CT. He was probably the James How that lived in Winfham, CT.
child vii. Jonathan HOWE(49) was born on Apr 3 1724 in Plainfield, CT.. He died on Apr 13 1724 in Plainfield, CT..

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