16. Charles Grover SANDERS (3). Family tradition says: Charles Sanders and wife came from England on a
small boat.

17. Martha BLANCHARD. Children were:

child8 i. Charles Grover jr. SANDERS.
child ii. Walter SANDERS(3).
child iii. Henrietta SANDERS(3).
child iv. Richard SANDERS(18) was born on May 10 1866 in Buck Hill, NY. He died on May 5 1952 in Worcester, VT. He was buried in St. Augestine's Cem., Montpelier, VT. Spent his early years in NY employed at Foguet House in Plattsburg NY.
Lived in NY when married. Lived in Springfield, MA, then NY again,
Middlesex VT, then Worcester.
Worked at sawmill in Putnamville, VT until 1927 flood.
Lived in Keeseville NY and Putnamville, VT in his teens, then
Worcester, VT.
Dick died at home very suddenly.

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