12710. Francis COOKE (32)(87) was born in 1587 in IMMIGRATED FROM LEYDEN, HOLLAND.(88) He died on Apr 7 1663 in Plymouth.(89) He has reference number 1. Merged General Note: Came over on the Mayflower. Merged General Note:
New England Families Genealogical and Memorial, 1914. P. 1398 He was married to Hester MAHIEU on Jun 30 1606 in LEYLAND, ENGLAND.

12711. Hester MAHIEU(90) died in 1666 in ABOUT--LAST REF AS LIVING. She was born in NAT. OF NETHERLANDS OF THE WALLOONS. (91) She emigrated from CAME LATER ON SHIP ANN -- JULY 1623..(92) Merged General Note: Had five children. Children were:

child i. Jane (2) COOKE died on Jun 18 1666.(93)
child6342 ii. John COOKE.
child iii. Ester (Hester) COOKE.
child6355 iv. Mary COOK.

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