7136. Thomas PHILBRICK (37) died in 1667 in Hampton, NH. He was born in England. Was a mariner, ship Arabella, 1630. He was married to Elizabeth KNAPP on Jun 4 1615 in Suffolk, England.

7137. Elizabeth KNAPP (37) died on Feb 19 1664 in Hampton, NH. Will, March 1664. She was born in England Reg. VII pg. 358. Children were:

child3568 i. James PHILBRICK.
child ii. John PHILBRICK(37) was born on Oct 20 1616 in England. He died on Oct 20 1657 in Drowned with wife and daughter on way to Boston..
child iii. Thomas PHILBRICK(37) was born on Mar 7 1623 in St. Mary's, Bures, Suffolk, England.(85) He died on Nov 24 1700.
child iv. Elizabeth PHILBRICK(37) was born in 1621 in England. She died on Feb 11 1677.
child v. Hannah PHILBRICK(37).
child vi. Mary PHILBRICK(37) died in 1699.
child vii. Martha PHILBRICK(37) was born in 1631 in England. She died in 1648.

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