7138. Thomas ROBERTS Governor (37) was elected as Governor in Apr 1640 in Dover, NH. (86) Of Dover, NH. The following from the Provincial Papers, Documents and
Records relating to the Province of New Hampshire from the Earliest
period of settlement. 1623-1686, Volume I. Compiled and edited by
Nathaniel Boutin, D.D., Corresponding Secretary of the New Hampshire
Historical Society. George E. Jenks, State Printer, 1867. Page 118:
"The Indian name of Dover Neck, where Edward Hilton settled in 1623,
was Winachahanat or Wecohannet. The river and the place about the
falls - where the chief settlement is now is - called Quochecho, or
Cochecho. The only settlers there, says Quint, in the spring of the
year 1623, " were Edward Hilton, William Hilton, and Thomas Roberts
and their families.
Children were:

child3569 i. Ann ROBERTS.

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