436. William STARRETT was born on Apr 15 1694 in Highlands of Scotland.. He died on Mar 8 1769 in Dedham, MA. When William was 2 years old his parents fled to the north of Ireland
to escape religious persecution. Previous to their escape they are
said to have hid in a cave for 3 months. William and Mary came to
America in 1728 to Pemaquid, ME.
In 1735 to upper St. Georges, which is now Warren ME. At the outbreak
of King Georges War they moved to Woburn, MA and then to Dedham, MA.

437. Mary GAMBLE was born in 1699 in County Derry, Ireland. She died on Apr 12 1786 in St. Georges, ME. Gambles were among the earliest of the Scotch families to take refuge
in Ireland. (religious persecution) The widowed Mary returned to St.
Georges ME. Children were:

child218 i. David STARRETT.

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