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Distance to major cities:

          Albany, NY:           252 miles                   
          Bangor, ME:           123 
          Boston, MA:           172
          Burlington, VT:       120
          Concord, NH:          101
          Hartford, CT:         243
          Manchester, NH:       119
          Montreal, Canada:     120
          New York, NY:         380
          Portland, ME:         187
          Quebec City, Quebec:  209


                         1993     1990    1980    1970

Community:               3,457    3,522   3,322   2,998

County:                 34,825   34,828  35,014  34,198

Population by age:      5 and under    304
                        6 to 17        657
                       18 to 29        519
                       30 to 59      1,310
                       60 to 69        319
                       70 and over     413


Temperature (@F)  Annual Average:   41.8
                  January Average:  13.8
                  July Average:     66.4

Annual Average Rainfall:  36.7 inches

Elevation:  910 feet.


Type:  Selectmen                           Taxes: Tax Year 1993
Fiscal Year:  1994                                Full Value Rate
Budget (Annual):  $5,302,540                       (per thousand)
Expenditure/Capita:  $1,828.11                        $29.86

Police Department:  Fulltime                Valuation:       
Fire Department:    Volunteer                    Residential 71.34%
911:  No                                         Commercial  23.83% 
Building Codes:  Yes                             Other       20.85%
Planning Commission:  Yes
Zoning Regulations:  Yes
Fire Insurance Rating:  6/9

Recycling is Mandatory.
Open Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Open Tuesday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Closed Sunday & Wednesday
Curbside pickup is provided within the precinct limits of town
weekly on Friday mornings.  Recycling bins are available for new
residents at the Town Office or Transfer Station.  Call 788-3200
for more information.

Licenses & Registration:

You may register to vote any time during regular business hours at
the Town Clerk's Office.  You must be an American citizen.  If you
are naturalized, you must present your naturalization papers. 
Proof of residency is required.  A driver's license, mail addressed
to you, a library card, checkbook with a Lancaster address
imprinted on it are some examples of proof of residency.

The Supervisors of the checklist meet prior to an election for new
voters, change of party, etc.  Their hours are posted in the local
paper and in the Town Offices.  Voter registration closed 10 days
before every election.

New residents to the State have 60 days to transfer their vehicle
registration and obtain a New Hampshire Driver's license.  Anyone
moving within the State must notify the New Hampshire Departmet of
Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles of their new address within 10
days.  For additional information, contact the Town Clerk at 788-


Elementary/Junior High:  In Town (K-8)

High School:  About 6 miles south on Rt. 3 (9-12)

Nearest Technical College:  Berlin

Nearest College/University:  School for Lifelong Learning -       
                             Littleton & Berlin

                         COMMUNITY SERVICES:

Utility:  Public Service of New Hampshire owned by Northeast

                         MEDICAL FACILITIES:

Hospital:   Weeks Memorial

Doctors:  (15) Active Staff
          (45) Full Staff

Dentist:   Naves and Perrault
Eye Care:  Dr. Eastman
           Dr. Holmes & Dr. Drumm


Internet: edsanders.com 
Internet Servers: North Country Internet Access: 752-1250

Newspapers: E-Mail: CCDemocrat@aol.com
  The Coos County Democrat (weekly)
             The Beacon (weekly)
Cable TV:    Time Warner Cable

Telephone: New England Telephone  (Digital Switching System)
Cellular Phone Access: No

Post Office: First Class, Overnight
Express Service: Fed-X, Airborne


The Colonel Town Community House offers an inside gym with a
variety of special programs.  It also houses a gameroom.  The
facility offers (3) baseball fields, (3) tennis courts, (1) out
door swimming pool, (1) skating rink.  Other recreational
opportunities around town include (1) movie theater, (5) parks, (1)
agricultural fair ground, (1) bowling alley, (6) nearby ski areas.

Attractions: Lancaster Historical Society, Weeks State Park,
             Wilder Holten House.  Two covered bridges, the 
             Israel River Bridge built in 1862 and the Mt. Orne   
             Bridge built in 1911. The American Heritage Trail a
             statewide 230 mile long hiking trail.  Colonel Town
             Players present 2 or more plays a year.  Nearby are
             Santa's Village, Six Gun City, and the White Mountain
             National Forest. 

Outdoor Activities: hiking, biking, swimming, camping, x-country
                    skiing, alpine skiing, scenic drives.   

Annual Events:  Memorial Day Parade
                4th of July Parade
                Lancaster Street Fair, Farmer's Market &
                  5K Road Race
                Lancaster Fair
                Flea Markets at Lancaster Historical Society
                Lancaster Winter Carnival 


Single Family Units: 931

Multi-Family Units: 439

Mobil Homes: 143

Median Gross Rent: $501
Median Housing Costs: $108,200


Largest Employers             Product                  Employees

Weeks Memorial Hospital       Health Care               200
Pak 2000                      Plastic Bags              185
Country Village Health Care   Health Care               100
Lancaster School              Education                  60
North Country Publishing Co.  Newspaper Publisher        27
P.J. Noyes Company, Inc.      Pharmaceuticals            30       
Town of Lancaster             Municipality               40
Timberland                    Machinery                  27
North Country Ford            Car sales/repair           21
Chadwick BaRoss               Machinery                  11
Codet                         Manufacturing              15
Butson's Market               Retail                     60
Public Service of NH          Utility                    25

                         FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Lancaster Town Promotor                   
Lisa Maxwell                                Economic Development   
Lancaster Town Hall                       Lisa Maxwell
25 Main Street                            25 Main Street
Lancaster NH 03584                        Lancaster NH
(603) 788-3202                            (603) 788-3202

Lancaster Elementary School
School Street
Lancaster NH 03584
(603) 788-4924

Coos County Superior Court House
Main Street 
Lancaster NH 03584             
(603) 788-2001

Lancaster Information Booth
Main Street 
Lancaster NH 03584
(603) 788-2530

Weeks Memorial Hospital
Middle Street 
Lancaster NH 03584
(603) 788-4911

Lancaster Police Station
Mechanic Street
Lancaster NH 03584
(603) 788-4402

Lancaster Fire Department
Mechanic Street
Lancaster NH 03584
(603) 788-4830

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