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                               May 17, 1982

RE:       Purpose and meaning of the Game Room Ordinance

          The purpose is to regulate and license the location and
operation of coin operated Amusement Devices.  To avoid nuisance
and maintain harmony of the youth.  The health, welfare and safety
of the public at large.  
          The Ordinance is directed more to the Game Room as it
should be, because of the numbers.  One or two machines in other
locations is not an unfair competitive edge.

          Authority 31:41d and 42, also look at N.H.R.S.A. 332-D,
286 and 651.  Meaning:

          Section 1:     Self explanatory except (D) Vet
                         organization not included.

          Section 2:     Self explanatory.

          Section 3:     Self explanatory.

          Section 4:     A-Self explanatory.
                         B-Applies to new; renewals are not
                         required to be published.
                         C-Self explanatory.

          Section 5:     Game Room license not required.

          Section 6:     Self explanatory - should be filed
                         separately.  Last line, age consistent
                         with statute.

          Section 7:     Fees will be full amount for year. 
                         Seasonal operation of facility, pro-rate.
                         If goes out of business, no refund.

          Section 8:     Not transferable by licensee.  If
                         relocate by same owner, license will be
                         amended for new location by the issuing
                         authority without cost.

          Section 9:     Licensing authority may impose
                         restrictions other then in Ordinance,
                         such as noise control, etc.

          Section 10:    Centers within the business district, at
                         the time of adoption of the Ordinance,
                         may remain in the location at the time. 
                         Relocation within the business district
                         not permitted.

          Section 11:    To prevent nuisance, particularly of
                         people living same structure as Game
                         Room.  Controls in-part, times of play
                         for minors and in-part separates adult

          Section 12:    Gives parental control.  Includes any
                         device, any location.  Places
                         responsibility on owner and parent.

          Section 13:    Self explanatory.

          Section 14:    Conforms with Criminal Code N.H.R.S.A.
                         651:2, 4(2).

          Section 15:    Self explanatory.

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