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Pursuant to the authority conferred by New Hampshire Revised
Statutes Annotated, Chapter 41, Section II, in order to promote
the general welfare of the citizens of the Town of Lancaster, the
following ordinance is hereby enacted:

Section 1:      Due to seasonal weakening of the road surfaces, it
is necessary to limit the load permitted on a roadway, street, or

Section 2:     The purpose of this ordinance is to prohibit any
motor vehicles or trailers with a gross vehicle weight exceeding
ten (10) tons from being driven or placed upon any Town road,
street, or bridge, in the Town of Lancaster during the period so
designated by the Town Road Agent with the authority of the
Lancaster Board of Selectmen.

Section 3:     From and after the effective date of this ordinance,
it shall be unlawful for any person, partnership or corporation to
haul, transport, or cause to be transported by vehicle with gross
weight over ten (10) tons any material over the following class V
roads until notice is given of the lifting of this restriction.

     1.   Martin Meadow Pond Road from the Lancaster-Dalton Town
          Line to its intersection with Route #3.

     2.   Page Hill Road from Lancaster-Northumberland Town Line to
          its intersection with Route #3.

     3.   Pleasant Valley Road from its intersection with Garland
          Road to its termination at Lost Nation Road.

     4.   Garland Road, McGary Hill Road, Gore Road, Rowell Road,
          Community Camp Road, and Arthur White Road, entire.

     5.   Mt. Prospect Road, Wesson Road, Reed Road, Brook Road,
          and Flaherty Road, entire.

     6.   All streets and roads in compact part of the community.

     7.   Summer Street south of Causeway Street, including
          Causeway Street.

March 24, 1993
Page 2

Section 4:     Exempt from the provisions of this ordinance are all
emergency motor vehicles or trailers and essential utility service
motor vehicles or trailers.  Emergency motor vehicles or trailers
are defined as those providing police, fire, and road maintenance
services.  Essential utility motor vehicles or trailers are defined
as those providing but not limited to essential telephone, electric
power, and heating fuel services.

Section 5:     Any person, partnership, firm, association, or
corporation who violates any of the provisions of this ordinance
shall be guilty of a violation the penalty of which is not to
exceed the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00).  Should the
roadway, street, or bridge sustain damage as a result of the
violators act, such violator shall be liable for repair or
restitution of such damage.  For the purposes of this ordinance,
each load hauled, transported or moved over said town roads shall
be deemed a separate occurrence.  

     This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage.

_____________________              _____________________________
Date                               Michael W. Beattie

                                   Leon H. Rideout

                                   John P. Martin

                                   Board of Selectmen
                                   Town of Lancaster

Received and Recorded


Jean E. Oleson, Town Clerk


     Upon receipt of a bond in the amount of $5,000.00 __________
has permission to drive a vehicle of over ten (10) tons on ______
_________________________road to complete the project on said road.

     This permit is non-transferable and shall not be used for any
other work  than what it is issued for.

     The bond will be used to make any and all repairs to the road
damaged by the Contractor as a result of said use in the amount
needed by the Town of Lancaster as determined by the Road Agent
and/or the Town Manager.  If upon inspection by the Town no damage
has been incurred the bond will be refunded to the contractor at
the completion of the project.

__________________________            ___________________________
Date                                  Contractor


                                      Town of Lancaster

___________________________           ___________________________
Date                                  Pamela L. Andrade, 
                                      Town Manager


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