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I'm Terry, a 26-yr. old McGill grad student and Montreal native. I love my home, and it's second only in my heart to my beautiful fiancee, Fahima (who also assists me). I've been offering this service for over a year now to offer travelers info of the city, and give a native's point of view. That means: everything I may and have told others is purely from straight from the heart and the wonderful experiences of others who have given me feedback.

Others have asked why? Well, I personally believe that commercialism just leads travellers to the shops, hotels, sights and restaurants with the best advertising and not necessarily to the ones with the best food, experiences, etc. And, I've travelled around half the globe. Others gave me help (especially the people of Holland) when I really needed it and it's only fair to return the favor.

Check out Hotel du Parc It's on du Parc Avenue about 2 blocks from the Place des Arts Metro station. My friend and I went last year and spent $36/night (American) each. This included breakfast. It was one of the best hotels I stayed at in my life.

So, if you do need help, just e-mail me at: morpheus@infobahnos.com or check out my site at: infobahnos.com/~morpheus/mo2000.htm

I also provide a free Montreal Info Sheet on the usenet bi-weekly at the following groups: alt.travel, alt.travel.canada, alt.travel.road-trip, rec.travel, rec.travel.misc & rec.travel.usa-canada. Or better yet, check out Charles Quenneville's excellent work, and where I get most of my WWW reference info at: