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Amsoil Heavy Duty synthetic grease sheds water and will reduce wear in bearings and other metal parts.

Warning! DO NOT put Amsoil synthetic greases in the pins of bucket loaders, backhoes and other applications where gravel and dirt gets in. The Amsoil grease when mixed by the crud will create a grinding compound and destroy the pins. This is one application where you want the cheapest petroleum grease you can find as it will wash out and leak out, taking the grit out with it.

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Let us introduce our company. We are Laramore's Sawmill, producing some of the fairest grained and hard-to-find lumber on today's market as well as supplying logs for the specialty lumber industry.

We specialize in deadhead logs, predominately cypress, but also pine is available.
These logs are pulled from creek bottoms after countless years of laying submerged. Tannic acids, airless environment and many other factors yield from these logs a clear and straight grain with a unique coloring combination.
In limited amounts we can also produce beautiful Eastern red
heart cedar, as well as poplar, juniper, oak, blackgum and other grains
indigenous to our area.
Based in north west Florida, our logs are readily available for
most of the year.
Our mill uses a bandsaw blade which not only reduces waste but yields a very smooth cut. We also produce planed lumber, tongue & groove and shiplap edges by special order.
Please feel free to contact us for excellent prices on your
next order. Logs or lumber, we can supply you with the best prices and
fairest grains available.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Dennis Laramore
Laramore's Sawmill

Email: sawmill@homepage.com


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