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Air Force / National Guard Links

  • USAF Band Tour Information  
  • USAF Dental Investigation Service Home Page 
  • USAF Chaplain Service  
  • Commercial SATCOM for the USAF
  • USAF Information and Glitz - Organization of the U.S. Air Force. "Quality Air Force" Air Force LINK. Hierarchical USAF Web Server...
  • Official USAF Links
  • Clickable USAF Maps
  • USAF Phillips Laboratory Hanscom AFB - USAF Phillips Laboratory Hanscom AFB - Simlab. Whole sky imager.
  • VA-USAF/Travis Program
  • PRO-ACT- funded by the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence. This program is provided to promote crossfeed of environmental information. All services other than providing this crossfeed of information (including requests for information) are limited to members of the U.S. Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard, and civilian employees. Contractors with active Air Force contracts may utilize the service for work applying to their current delivery orders
  • Laser Safety Program -- USAF AL/OEO United States Air Force Humans Systems Center. Armstrong Laboratory Optical Radiation Division. Laser Safety Program.
  • USAF Air Force Link - Simply click on the above link if you don't want to see those fighters below. This is specially for Chiu Ko, Lo Fung and Tai Ngau...Has Hong Kong Links too.
  • F-16 maintenance computer input devices study
  • NRC Research Associateship Programs - US Air Force Laboratories. Dynamic Meteorology. RO#: CITY: Kirtland Air Force Base STATE: New Mexico...
  • USAF Publications (Transportation) - 24 Series. TRANSPORTATION. Air Force Policy Directives (AFPD) AFPD 24-1 JUN 93 Personnel Movement
  • USAF Vision and Core Values USAF Vision. Air Force people building the world’s most respected air and space force.
  • AirForceLINK -- Fact Sheets -- USAF Public Affairs - US Air Force Public Affairs Fact Sheets. Air Force Fact Sheets are provided by the Air Force News Agency.
  • First Technical Report for USAF Rome Laboratory USAF XOM
  • USAF XOM. USAF XOM On 8 April 95 the telephone numbers for the Directorate of Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis; DCS Plans and Operations
  • USAF: Applied Mathematics and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
  • Luke Air Force Base -- Home of the 56th Fighter Wing
  • F-16 stuff
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